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Agra Fort the most enchanting attractions of Agra. It absolutely was built-in the year 1565 by the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Carved in red sandstone, it’s a UNESCO World history Site. Addressing a place of 2.5 km northwest of the famous Taj Mahal, it as soon as served given that abode of Mughal Emperors like Shah Jahan, Humayun, Aurangzeb and Akbar. It boasts of impressive design and designs. Its a remarkable exemplory case of the most wonderful mixture of Indo Islamic architectural styles.

This fortified fort has an exterior wall surface which is 21.4 m high. The fort had been once accessed through following gates namely Amar Singh gate, Delhi gate and Lahore gate. Nevertheless now the entry is just through the Amar Singh gate.

The fort complex includes several wonderful flats, each having its very own special appeal. Explore its bastions, gateways, harems, royal areas, palaces, ramparts and towers which talk amounts about its marvelous history.

A few of the must-see frameworks of the fort are:

Jahangir Mahal

This beautiful palace had been particularly designed for the royal females because of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. It offers wonderful ornamental rock brackets giving support to the beams. Persian verses have now been created regarding exterior wall surface of this framework.


This hallway of personal market served as a place for private conferences associated with emperors. Its façade, marble pillars studded with semi-precious stones, floral designs and interior decoration are notable.


This hallway of public market served as a venue for keeping people meetings in which the emperor would hear the petitions of those of his kingdom.

Sheesh Mahal

It really is an impressive apartment built as a harem for royal females. The mirror work for this apartment is spectacular.

Khass Mahal

It absolutely was Shah Jahan’s resting room. The paintings in the white marble area tend to be a main attraction with this apartment.

On the Agra Fort trip you are able to explore the entire world famous Taj Mahal. It really is among the Seven marvels around the globe.


Agra Fort is among the significant attractions of Agra journey. It is a magnificent structure boasting of fascinating architectural brilliance. It has a few wonderful flats that are must-see destinations. Taj

Happen to be Agra fort which is among mesmerizing destinations of Agra. Its royal apartments and architectural beauty will really make you spell-bound.

Mahal is another destination it is possible to enjoy on your Agra Fort journey.