Review of popular tours and rafting services

Organized rafting – it's a good idea for beginners and for professionals. Tours Rafting provides all necessary equipment, guidance and instructions. If the trip takes several days raftyngavaya company can also provide a place for outdoor recreation. Guided tours are available for rafters of all skill levels – from beginners rafting for the first time, to qualified professionals who are looking for the most difficult rivers of the country.

Tours Rafting offered by many of the major rivers of the country. Tours are available in a variety of duration that Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from the south to the two-week campaign. Rafting trips for families, as well as trips that cater to experienced rafters are available almost anywhere. Although a lot of white water rafting is on the south-west, this is not the only place for adventure rafting. North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and many other states have excellent river for rafting.

A pair of well-established ekipirovak Rafting – expedition "Dvorak", California California river rescue and Nantahala. All three of these companies offer excellent guides, the best equipment and the routes of some of the best rivers.

In 1969, "Dvorak Enterprises" was the first ekipirovshchykam, received a license to travel to the rivers. The head of the world-famous Bill Dvorak out of the solidus, Colorado. and Texas, as well as in New Zealand and Nepal. Dvorak Enterprises is known for its friendly, qualified and experienced guides.

California rafting excitement with & # 39 is one of the most popular equipment on a raft in the State of Sunshine. This company offers rafting on five different rivers of California, has trips designed for seven & # 39; families, as well as experienced rafters, and offers camping equipment for trips lasting several days.

Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina offers a variety of adventure rafting on several rivers in the area. Rivers hard to accommodate rafters at any level of skills, and Nantahala offers great guides, as well as rafting school for beginners.

Rafting trip – it's an interesting way of recreation and relaxation. Adventure rafting are available for rafters of all skill levels, ensuring that all will be good, safe time.