On the road up to speed in Antioch

In the East Bay region of the San Francisco suburb it is called Antioch. Although it is fifty miles away to the north-east of San Francisco, Antioch became extremely popular "bedroom community" for those who work in the San Francisco and Oakland. Before the real estate crisis in 2007, rising real estate prices made the future owners of homes and further away from their place of work. Despite the fact that Antioch with & # 39 is one of the oldest cities in California, only recently its population began to take off as one of the few places in San Francisco, where the property is still available to the working class. Many nearby suburbs are home to white collars, which are very expensive, but if you can cope with the crossings, which may have an hour or more, Antioch forces have possession of the house is still possible.

This combination of factors has led to an increase in the number of blue collar demographic in Antioch and contributed to the popularity of high-speed way of Antioch. This high-speed road (by itself) is called "the California way of action" – offers racing every Saturday night in the summer for $ 12 per person or $ 30 for the whole family & # 39; and. Temporary champions race lead the price to 16 and 42 dollars, respectively, but they only happen once or twice in a season. Patrons can watch the feathered sprint, super stocks, limited late models, dwarf cars and mini-trucks that compete with him in the race (each a separate vehicle category with its own set of in-depth rules of the technical characteristics of vehicles, which include everything from acceptable brand names for the spark plug to the tire type). In the summer Saturday night throughout the city of Antioch, you can hear the roar of engines and revered excitement excited patrons.

The track is a quarter-mile oval (about 400 meters) with pavbankay. It is made of clay, which behaves like a dirt track, but slightly more resilient in the demolition. As the dirt track, it is limited to certain types of activities and vehicles and can not carry out other activities that can take place only on the paved road. But sponsors do not seem to mind, because every Saturday the track is always a fun crowd not only from Antioch, but also from many of the surrounding suburban cities to watch the competition racers. Speedway opens in mid to late March and will last until mid-late October. Summer nights in Antioch – from mild to uncomfortably hot, so dress is not necessary to heat. The track opens at five, and the race starts at six. Patrons can grab dinner at some local restaurants at fair grounds in Antioch, which has everything from a three-star dining to fast food, and from the Mexican to sushi, or they can take advantage of the concession stand at the track, which serves a number of American confectionery, such as hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as wine and beer coolers. As the main site that you want to visit in Antioch, it offers most of the local color and culture demonstrates suburban American homes by the road and high grade of the hills.