Southern Californians – surfing and beach culture

If Southern Californians worship at the altar of youth, health and beauty, their church – it's beaches. There are incredibly beautiful men and women spend their tips reinforced surgically under the ever-present sun. Favorite sports include ice skating and volleyball, but the ability to look good on a surfboard – the most interesting. Surfing Hawaiian […]

Introduction to the wine region of Napa Valley

Napa winery Wali California – one of the most well-known among wine lovers all over the world. For some, a visit to the region – rest for the whole dream, thanks to the pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. Napa Valley is located in Northern California, it contains soil and climate, which is considered one of […]

Visit Redondo Beach, California

Beach neighborhood Redondo Beach, California, located in Los Angeles County, about one and a half year (18) miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles and ten (10) miles from Long Beach. Redondo Beach – This is a family-oriented society and a & # 39 is a good safe place for a day trip or holiday. You […]

There is love in Paramount, California

Located between Long Beach, Southgate and South Los Angeles, Paramount occupies only 4.8 square miles, but its convenience to the neighboring cities and towns makes it a great place to stay in the county of Los Angeles. Paramount is easily accessible by motorway centuries, also called Interstate 105, speed Long Beach, also known as Interstate […]