Best resorts for golf in the United States

On this planet, a lot of people who are constantly looking for creative ways to spend a vacation. For those who want to get a bit of rest and recreation, taking part in classes, golf might just be the right choice. In fact, a lot of different areas in the United States, which creates an ideal resort for golf, but, naturally, it is a sub & # 39; an objective thing. And yet, if you're really keen on getting the best possible experience during the game that could be called an elitist sport, below are some of what many consider the best golf courses on the continent US.

Golf Resort, Pebble Beach, California – You will get a spectacular view of the ocean, reaching the 18th hole of the course. However, if you are also looking at convenience, you really get what you need. After visiting the offers 5-star spa resort of 3 & # 39 objects, many gourmet cuisine and, of course, the famous Pebble Beach golf course. This makes it an ideal place to relax, even for people who do not play golf. Just have a little something that you need to almost everyone.

Resort Bandon Dunes, Oregon – This resort is under the influence of Scottish design, and you will not rely on golf carts to travel on any of the three proposed rates. You will also have to pay $ 50 if you want to get your hands on Caddy. But you will receive extravagant bedroom apartments and cottages, which are limited only for guests. If you want to spend a little bit of golf with friends and family, this resort offers exactly what you need. You can even take part in the nightlife, drink vodka and play pool with friends.

American Club, Color, Wisconsin – If you crave to spend your days relaxing, this is one of the best golf resorts like him, as well as the previously mentioned golf. You have to play four original courses, including the famous whistling straits. Going in the sport for a while, you can even take advantage of amenities such as massage and hydrotherapy treatments that are sure to be happy for hours. Wisconsin seems reserved place on the continent, but it is one of the defining characteristics that cause people to visit it frequently.