Book Review – Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 march to the south-west Deborah Wall

"Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 trips in the southwest" Deborah Wall with & # 39 is an invaluable guide to resources for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts of all levels of activity.

Wall – a recognized expert in this area, which takes the popular column of the campaigns and other activities with & # 39; is the author and creator of many tourist sites and publications. First published in 2010, "Base Camp Las Vegas" quickly became the bible for tourists interested in traveling on the ground. "Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 march to the Southwest" – updated and expanded edition of this book. Guide focuses on the trails located in the 4-tenured region Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California, in particular landscape, easily accessible from the area of ​​Las Vegas.

My husband on the "newcomers" tourists, with several tracks under the belt in Colorado and New Mexico, so I'd like to pick up this book and expand all that suggested Wall in this wonderful book. The book begins with a section entitled Before you get to the next and provides practical advice on the preparation of high-profile to walk. Details, from what should wear, items that can be carried around in the daytime pachtsy opinions about the weather & # 39; and and water consumption, to the advice of the campaigns with children and what to do in case of meeting with certain wild animals – such as with rattlesnakes!

From there, the author dives right in certain areas and trails. After finishing each hike at least once, Wall passes its first-hand knowledge, providing detailed information about each campaign, including the best season for a visit, the duration and complexity of the hike, elevation data, specific warnings and directions. This is vitally important information, because knowledge ahead of time allows the proper planning and tourists largely benefit from the experience of the author studied. I especially liked to read about the historical significance of many areas, including the claim to fame, and how each region gets its name.

In addition to the abundance of information contained in these pages, and it does a magic book. The advanced photographer, Wall also includes a page by page, which affects every area of ​​photography. Views that jump off the page, it is enough to get you to take the equipment and & # 39; to go – immediately! The really high-quality products in every aspect, there is much in this guide, you need to love. After reading it once, I'll try to get back to the many pages that I did in the tabs, so that I could explore and plan your next trip. I'll have to wait for my husband to finish reading it – he grabbed her as soon as I put it down!

I highly recommend the "Las Vegas Base Camp: 101 march to the Southwest" by Deborah Wally anyone interested in hiking, camping, or just learn more about the area.