5 vital pointers for travel in Morocco

One of the most common comments on Morocco – is an extremely gracious people. It is absolutely certain! Generosity – the fabric of the nation, and you will find it everywhere, from the poorest to the richest villages in enclaves.
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# 1 Improve your research! Find out which areas of Morocco are interested in, and what actions you can take part. Geography Morocco is very similar to California and offers wine tasting, surfing, horse riding, mountain climbing and much more. This, of course, except for travel by the Sahara desert and the meeting with the nomads, who lived there for thousands of years. Find out what your interests are, and plan your trip around them.
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# 2 If you want to guarantee a spectacular experience, and you have the budget, hired a driver / guide who will carry you through Morocco and be sure to constantly be fine. These drivers / guides are multi-lingual and extremely comfortable, and worth it to engage their services. Dimensions Var car & # 39; iruyutstsa from sedans to vans, and they allow you a lot more freedom to travel, as well as ensure the safety of the presence of the mother, “member of the family & # 39; and”. (More likely, you are waiting for food at home!)
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# 3 The food is delicious in Morocco, mostly Arab and Berber food with a French influence, and a variety of dazzling! Traditional Moroccan dish called Tagine and comes in an almost infinite variation of … beef with prunes, chicken and almonds, fish, goat, lamb and vegetables. “Fast” food in Morocco for lunch or dinner – it’s just a “shop” and stores “tazheyn” everywhere are waiting for you. Tayzhyn – is also special ceramic form a conical shape, in which the food is prepared. To make a mistake is almost impossible!

# 4 Water in Morocco is not drinking, you get sick if you consume the ice cubes (with the exception of the top-level hotels), eat salads or brushing teeth with water. The only option – Bottled water and they have no right to BPA in their plastic bottles, so the best idea – buy a portable water filter, which you will use while you are there. Good to eat fruit, if you clean the skin – such as bananas, oranges, avocados, etc.

# 5 Be open to spontaneous fun! Moroccans tend to enjoy life to the fullest and have ZAVSODI festivals, celebrations and gatherings, so be able to change your schedule for those unexpected experiences.

In our experience, in Morocco, the only people who have a bad experience – it is the people who suffer from Tourist – get sick from drinking the water. All others admire the beauty, hospitality, diversity … and go home with happy, unforgettable memories of this exotic country.