Tourists and billionaires

Previously, tourist trips to Fiji involved a bus fares from Nadi to Suva, then a ferry somewhere in the oval, Savusavu, Taveuni or encode. No more. These days young budget travelers are lining up for a tour to the islands of the Yasawa Islands, a network of 16 large volcanic islands and dozens of smaller, about 35 km off the west coast of Viti Levu.

Dazzling white beaches, clear warm water, make the Yasawa group of picturesque coral reefs, and sunny dry climate is the ideal place for tourists, but until recently, the visit provided a rough sea voyage from Lautoka in a dangerous village by boat or an expensive flight on a plane to Nadi. Cruises on the Blue Lagoon Yasawas carried out from the 1950s, but the passengers are on these high-end ships, sleeping in their offices, and the local people receive little benefit from their presence.

Before Rabuka coup in 1987 in Suva, Fiji, the Government's policy was that the Yasawa were closed to land tourism. Long years of military support government brought few changes to the Yasawas, although Australian investors were allowed to build a luxury resort in the Yasawa Island Resort in 1991, and several camps, working in the village, appeared on Wayasewa and Waya. Since the beginning of 1980, seven local & # 39; and ran three small budget resorts on the island Taveva, largely due Tavevy status as islands, which goes beyond the powers of heads of Fiji. For decades, local Church leaders were corrupted by tourism as an external influence, which should be kept in service life of the village.

It is hard to imagine anything more that removed from real life Fiji than Turtle Island Resort on the island of Nanuya Levu, Fiji's final repository for the crowd of US $ 1,500 per night. NASU Levu was the owner of the land since 1868, and in 1972 Richard Evansan used US $ 300,000, which earned the business of cable television of Southern California, to buy the island.

Aronson resort in the Turtle Island became the prototype of the current crop in Fiji butsikavyh island resorts, which is inhabited by famous people like Hollywood stars and millionaires. Brooke Shchyts stayed here while filming eskapistav classics "Blue Lagoon" in 1980.

Ace samaadchuvany environmentalists, planted thousands of trees on his island and turned forests mangrovyya in tourist attractions, creating sidewalks deftly. Food grown in the resort's organic gardens, and electricity produced using solar and wind energy. Every year a group of volunteers of California medical observers visited Turtle Island Resort to make the operation in front of the leading villagers or equip them with the donated glasses.

But for most yasavantsav life has changed little since 1789, when Captain William Bley and his loyal crew members passed the group in an open boat immediately after the famous mutiny on the Bounty. Even today, most villages have no electricity and water, and economic development opportunities are very limited. Yasavantsy feel despised politicians in the distant capital, zayzdrostsivshy people, like a mini-cruise ships and yachts transported wealthy foreigners along their shores.

In May 2000, the bustling malavets George Speight and various bandits seized the parliament building in Suva, Fiji, turning on its head. Speight radical rhetoric struck chords in Yasawas. The villagers from the island Nakula staged a mini-coup in the island Turtle, closing Evansana in one of its 14 luxurious bungalows, where the village youths rode wildly around Nanuya Levu on carts for Evansana course.

If the excitement subsided, woven mats spread out roots and coffee were killed, and many cups of impending Evansan and villagers come to an understanding.

Instead of killing the golden goose, Evansan urged residents Nakula, that it would be better to open their own sanatorium and let him in the world to continue its work.

Evansan offered interest-free construction loans and promotional support, and Tourist Association was born Nacula Tikina. Website Association now describes a dozen resorts operating on the area around the Blue Lagoon in the central part of the Yasawa Islands, including three existing on the & # 39; objects on Taveve. All resort operators must abide by a strict code of conduct aimed at preserving the environment and guarantee an acceptable level of service. Although primitive in comparison with the luxury resorts in the Mamanuca Nadi, Yasawa camp tourist camps provide basic food and shelter for a relatively low price.

The massive influx of tourists began only in 2002, when the Awesome Adventures, a subsidiary of New Zealand cruises in the Southern Ocean, the beginning of a fast catamaran service up and down the chain. Now you can go to Marie Denarau Nadi in Yasawa flyer to any morning at 9:15 in the morning and get back on your chosen resort during lunch. Every day, up to 150 tourists do it every day, and Kuat resorts Veyaseva, Vella, wind the, Taveva, Nakula, NASU rubies and Matakava Levu booming resorts.

Reservations can be made upon arrival at Nadi Airport through any of a dozen 24-hour travel agency right in the airport terminal. All these offices are selling tickets for the catamaran, including a bus transfer to the harbor. Do not expect to stay and eat gourmet food at any of the resorts in Yasawa, but friendly people, spectacular natural beauty and low prices make most travelers overlook these inconveniences.