Why Denver need to deal with parking now!

Denver is necessary to solve one of the main problems: parking. Have you noticed that two cars can no longer drive the lane? Streets on both sides crowded with cars. Closer to another person can be for many more narrow streets. Denver city center is doing its part to work on this issue, but they can not solve the home for single houses.

Until a few years ago, traffic and parking in Denver while there were concerns, but have never been as bad as cities such as Washington, South Korea Manhattan. Although there are a lot of rumbling that this was due to the legalization of marijuana, which was held in Colorado, our real estate market was still fairly cheap (until recently) in comparison with California and New York. In addition, I.T. Work in the field of biotechnology have brought a boom to wealthy officer in the field, significantly higher costs than wages / Trend & # 39; EPA in the city. In some districts residents must obtain a special permit to park on the street just so they do not put a tick or even towed. As cities grow, the parking start to develop from the center to the suburbs.

The population of Denver continues to grow rapidly. Currently, the Denver metro area population of just over 3 million people, and it is safe to say that the population will grow. Constantly increasing number of people and vehicles is a greater need for parking, not only in downtown Denver, but everywhere in the surrounding area. Civil construction projects, as a rule, for several decades behind the current building, which is due to the massive cost of the project and vote, which projects have priority. With this in mind, we need a more efficient way to accommodate all of the inflow, which is still projected to come in this area.

In many suburban areas between the streets of Denver has narrow lanes that allow a small place on the & # 39; the amount of traffic that previously had the area. In some quarters there is never enough street parking, and even the people living on the street, can not always get a parking space, which they prefer, when they return from work. In the suburbs, you can not expect that the city will take care of these matters. This is something & # 39; and the need to address themselves. Fortunately, we have other options in Denver, which allow you to save our favorite open spaces, parks and other wonderful natural environment.

There are many newly constructed buildings which have the properties of windows on the ground floor and residences above a parking garage built into the cellar. Although this is a large initial attempt to deal with the new needs in the parking lot, the parking area and cover about 20% of the landscape of Denver. Usually it hurts the eyes, not to mention a huge waste of real estate. We need to use our space more effectively more effectively. This space multi-tasking can be applied on a smaller scale.

Many suburban neighborhoods in Denver converted and / or destroy the old, smaller home, modern. Why do not you design your new home with garage at the bottom? If you have the opportunity to dig, why you have not started from scratch to create a space that works best for limited space? If you dig up a large area for living house, which is not created, it is simply not an option, try to plan your site, so you can at least accommodate the number of machines that will be needed at home to full power, to help the whole area have reduced the number of cars that need to park on the street. Providing part of the solution, each of us can together help to achieve a better motion / reduce the level of congestion in the future.