Road Transport in Orange County

With an area of ​​2455 square kilometers of land Orange – the smallest county in Southern California. However, with a population of over 3 million, it is also the third largest county population in the whole of California. Despite the fact that Orange County is not a big city and consists mainly of the suburbs, […]

Historic Route 66 through Arizona

66 m route can trace the history until the end of the 1920s, when it was proposed and described. However, only in 1938, the road was completely paved from the east beginning of Chicago, Illinois, to the western end of Santa Monica, California, after 2450 miles. Of course, the route can travel either to the […]

5 Benefits of stay

The economic recession is definitely selected the way of life of many people these days, and you still love to spend time on the headache of your classes. On the other hand, you do not really need to leave the country, just to spend your free time and enjoy. In fact, you can still stay […]

The beating jet lag

Jet lag, which upsets our internal biological clock every time we leave the comfort of our home time zone, the real. We all feel it in greater or lesser degree. Those who travel rare, there are more stringent than those who travel a lot. But even seasoned travelers may weaken from the effects of Jet […]

Review of popular tours and rafting services

Organized rafting – it's a good idea for beginners and for professionals. Tours Rafting provides all necessary equipment, guidance and instructions. If the trip takes several days raftyngavaya company can also provide a place for outdoor recreation. Guided tours are available for rafters of all skill levels – from beginners rafting for the first time, […]

Jump in the spring in San Diego

For his spring average temperature of pleasant 68 ° F (20 ° C) San Diego – an ideal place to relax, and it is the second second-largest city in California. San Diego – a beautiful and natural hilly city, which gives it a completely unique look with a lot of small but beautiful types of […]

Why travel around Europe?

My first solo trip to Europe was in 1977 … a trip to Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Spain. European euro was launched in January 1999 to … I had to deal with … the Swedish Krona, Danish crane Germany … Marc … the Italian lira and Spanish peseta. After 4 weeks in Europe, I […]

A short guide to Playa del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen – town along the coast of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. It is also a municipality Salidarydad County. In 2005 alone, its population reached 100,383, which was the third largest city in Quintana Roo. Next comes Chetumal and Cancun. Playa del Carmen was originally a small fishing town, starting with the tourism industry […]