Wine San Diego tours offer a taste of the southern California coast

San Diego – a great place to visit with lots of attractions that you can see, and a lot of activities and attractions for stray tourists to fill your days exploring. In fact, when you visit it always seems that is simply not enough time to enjoy all that the city has to offer. Here you can enjoy a wonderful meal, fantastic nightlife and great music. But there are still more than San Diego became known, and it would be "the fruit of the vine." Believe it or not, I'm talking about the vineyards!

While many travelers usually think of the northern and central coast of California, when they think about wine, in San Diego, there are more than 20 wineries that are located throughout the county. It will take a lot of time to go through them and see the typical wine lovers. Among the wineries have several hundreds of different awards, which can be selected, and, at least for the athletes, they are all memorable. With so many different wineries most of the visitors reveals that the tour not only facilitates the transition from vineyard to vineyard, but also allows people to try a lot of premium wines along the way without responsibility behind the wheel.

Some wine tours in San Diego even lead guests on Temekula Valley (also known as "the main wine country") in a luxury limousine. This is an exciting way to spend a day exploring the vineyards that have made San Diego's leading rival for wine lovers around the world. The guides are very friendly and are aware of the numerous wine, San Diego has to offer. Most guides are also well known, where each winery, and about what kind of wine they specialize. However, travelers will enjoy to talk directly with a sommelier in every place, to get the true story "behind the scenes", each vintage.

In addition to limo, tourists can choose from a variety of unusual forms of transport, such as the Hummer or a party bus. Buses are also available, which are drawing on a tight budget and who do not want to spend so much on a wine tour. Most tours last about four hours, so have plenty of time to dive into the nightlife of San Diego when you return from your day trip.

Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. City – the perfect holiday to relax. There are many famous attractions and sights that can be seen as a bridge "Golden Gate", Transameryka Pyramid, Coit Tower, and Chinatown. There are plenty of accommodation options, from the most economical to the most luxurious.

If you like delicious tapas (beef) and buryto, Mission District settles some of the most beautiful places that offer these delicacies. Kaktuny Tucker and Caroline try to be sure to try it.

In San Francisco, placed Golden State Warriors NBA, San Francisco 49ers NFL and the San Francisco Giants MLB. Catch the giants in the summer of baseball.

Here is an overview of the more famous places in San Francisco.

Transameryki pyramid
Transameryki pyramid was conceived in 1968, when President John R. Beckett noticed that the natural light passes through the trees in the city and on the street. Then he decided to build a building in the shape of a pyramid, to get the same lighting results in his headquarters. A few years later Transameryka pyramid – Today is a very famous tourist attraction in the world. The unique structure demanded international recognition. This park is located in the heart of Montgomery Financial District with the address 600 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California. He is part of the Transamerica Center and covers almost one quarter of the city.

Kite Tower
Lily Hitchcock Coit was a lady with an eccentric personality, which supports the local firefighters. In 1933, it used its funds to build the Coit Tower. She left a third of his wealth for the improvement of the city after the death.

Then Arthur Brown, Jr. took the task to upgrade the city's majestic tower, standing 63 meters / 210 feet in height. He filled the inter & # 39; er cylindrical tower frescoes. Most of these murals depicts life in California during the Great Depression. Total on this project employs 25 painters, including the scene of the harbor, a bank robbery, and looked into the department store. These historical murals are stored in the long-haul. On top of the tower is located playground with a spectacular 360-degree views of San Francisco.

Some people are discussing that Chinatown in New York – the greatest, but the majority still believe that Chinatown San Francisco – the largest outside Asia.

Hear Hong Kong in this city. Residential areas and markets are clearly Chinese. Most inexpensive restaurants. Check herbal medicine shops, souvenir shops and historical sites. Parking in Chinatown can be a problem. Most tourists go instead to public travel.

Yosemitsi National Park – a comprehensive guide to Yosemite – California

Overview: Yosimit National Park – one of the most popular parks of America, which each year is visited by over 3.5 million tourists who experience the beautiful landscape, waterfalls and steep cliffs of this place. Although the park covers a huge area of ​​one thousand one hundred eighty-nine square miles, the most popular network among tourists from the & # 39 is 7 square miles in Yosemitsi Valley. The park is extremely well-known among climbers mountain granite wall at a height of 3500 ft El Capitan. The park has much to offer, including rafting on the river Merseder, hiking, professional photography, biking, horseback riding, skiing and going on snegohodkah Badger and Camping. Yosemitsi National Park is about 200 miles east of San Francisco (SFO), about 3 to 4 hours away by road.

Yosemite Valley It located in the central part of the High Sierra and with a 39 & # park visited site. Yosemite Valley begins to feel the majority of visitors, from early spring until early summer (February to May), when the waterfalls in full intensity. Summer time from June to September is crowded especially on weekends, as during this time the school summer breaks are a lot, and during this time a lot of parents to bring children. Entrance fee to the park is $ 20 per car, which operates 7 days. You have the opportunity to drive around them, but to preserve the natural beauty of the park and keep it off area is not polluted pollution free shuttle buses to most popular places in the park work. Particularly high traffic, especially at the entrance, but it is worth seeing the beauty that is to come. Yosemitsi Valley – the only place in Yosemitse where you can buy food in the park. Despite the fact that all major roads throughout the snow season are plowed, the National Park Service requires that private car drivers are placed tire chains. Below are some useful phone numbers

For general information about the park, the current out & # 39; s and road conditions please call: 209-372-0200 (recorded information). Summer information about trails can be found at: 209-372-0308, reservation of property: 559-252-4848, Camping Reservations: 518-885-3639

How to get to Yosemite Valley: On the way, Take the Oakland Bay Bridge to Highway 80 East, sweep on Highway 580 to the east and follow the signs for Tracy / Stockton to Highway 20, Highway 205 to Highway 120 and Yoshimi National Park. It takes about an hour from the park entrance to the valley and the village Yosemitsi.

AMTRAK serves San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento to and from Merced / Beach, as well as connects VIA bus lines for direct service to the valley Yosemitsi. call 800-872-7245 for more information.

Glacier Point: Road Glacier Point is about 30 miles drive from the visitor center. It opens in late May and closes in November. This road offers one of the most spectacular species of the hill. People make a small stop, take pictures, and hiking.

Tioga Pass: Tsioga pass is about 9950 feet high and offers magnificent views of the park. It is only available in the summer around June and July, as this area is located on a hill in the winter and heavy snow. You can also see some beautiful wildflowers and redwoods.

Guy Maryposy: Guy Maryposa – the biggest growing of giant sequoias. The largest tree, grizzly giant, about 1800 years.

Half done: Half Dome – is a granite dome in the national Yosemitsi park, located on the eastern end of the valley Yosemitsi, perhaps the most familiar sight Yosemite. The granite crest rises more than 4,737 feet above the valley floor.

Useful websites for information about Yosemitsi National Park:,,

Take care of yourself: Yosemite has a large population of black bears living in Yosemite, it is recommended to keep food wrapped in a form that bears have not experienced the smell. Mountain lions are also sometimes seen. Fill the reservoir with gas before entering the car park as it is expensive in the park and is only available in the region. Accommodation is available but expensive, if done at the last minute, so pre-book and go shopping. If you want a budget, you can always stay a few miles from the park.

California Villang

California really has to offer tourists – great gaming houses, famous landmarks and national parks, etc. But most tourists from around the world enthusiastically California due to its wine country, the region where the house lives in the excellent wines in California. You'll be glad to experience this beautiful countryside, especially if you're familiar with a world-class wines. For you and your family & # 39; and comfortable rooms are available, such as a house in California.

To provide accommodation needs of tourists from the grape of the country in California is available a lot of hotels and restaurants in the region; Thus, housing in California with wines grew into a successful business. Accommodation includes room and board; some may even include the transportation of wine tasting and other events.

If you want to really pleasant journey through wine country, you should plan all inclusive, as part of a holiday package of wine. California house in wine country will provide you an excellent vacation while visiting wineries and vineyards vineyards in the region, forcing you and your something & # 39; u feel all the comforts of home away from home.

Most accommodation packages in the country Wine Country includes affordable accommodation for holidaymakers, which give you the possibility to go on holiday in Wine Country, without emptying pockets.

Another good thing in the home of California – wines that they are located in an area that provides easy access to wineries and vineyards of the region's institutions, mostly with views of the valley and the hills of California. Some even offer recreational activities such as camping and wine tasting.

If you are planning a vacation in the wine, check the special offers. Some amazing offers can be found by contacting a travel agent or go online at one of the many sites on the package of wine-tour in California. Good housing to provide your basic needs, such as comfortable rooms, good food, etc.

Most travel agencies will likely include housing California Country Wine Country in the list of tourist offers for California. You can learn about it in a travel agency you have chosen. Tourist guides are also available in most of the tourist magazines. Information about accommodation can be found here.

Internet – it's a great place to stay in California, where the wine lives; Many websites offer information, help and advice about housing and other accommodation in wine country.

The best beaches of Santa Cruz – Enjoy your stay in California

If you're in California, you should not miss the beautiful beaches in Santa Cruz. Los Angeles boasts Baywatch, but the beaches in Santa Cruz have their own beauty. Here you can enjoy a variety of things, such as spots for surfing and prima beach for dogs with an open coat and open sandy areas and rocky coves for birdwatching. Visitors should start with Main Beach, where the colorful sidewalk separates most of the coast some & # 39; and from the old American theme park, complete with prehistoric Big Dipper.

To the west of Main Beach lies West Cliff Dr which overflows with rocks and slopes. There are benches to sit and watch huge pelicans that dive for fish. In the lighthouse parking lot have the newest bathrooms with the best bathrooms. The beaches of the Eastern cliff Dr. quieter. These beaches are less trampled and more protected from the wind. Parking in the summer can be challenging, but you can get a daily permit at East Rock and 9th Avenue.

Each beach has its own beauty, but some of the best beaches: the main beach, known for its scenic beauty, shops, volleyball and crowd. Lost Boys was filmed on this beach. Cowell Beach is best for novice surfers. Another beach, known as the "Beach", located to the west of the lighthouse and a & # 39 is the only official beach for dogs. Natural bridges – a family favorite & # 39; I, in which a lot of sand, pools and Monarch butterflies. Twin Lakes – a very wide beach with a pond and is very popular among children.

Other famous beaches include Park 26 minutes Avery / Moran Lake, Capitola – warm beach with gentle waves, and New Brighton, best for running and outdoor recreation. For transportation, check the Santa Cruz METRO for buses down the coast. While in California, you can never miss these beautiful beaches in Santa Cruz.

Romantic City Travel Guide – Sacramento

Sacramento – a beautiful city to visit couples, especially those who are more interested in the history of the area, but there are activities for those who can not visit museums and historical sites.

Old Sacramento – one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. The area looks like a part of the city, stuck in the 1800s, and although the region has a number of modern enterprises, Old Sacramento – rather a hot spot among tourists, not residential or commercial area. In this area there are several museums and quaint shops, and several restaurants. The most visited part of Old Sacramento with & # 39 is the state of California State Railroad Museum, full of artifacts and trains, many of which remain intact since their last use. (Journey to California has become much easier and faster with the introduction of the Steam Engine.)

Sacramento also & # 39 is home to many festivals, which are visited by many people from all over the world. Festival of traditional jazz music held annually at the Memorial Day weekend, and the California State Fair – one of the most popular of such events in the world. Fair of the State of California, which has been held annually for the past 152 years, annually attracts more than one million visitors and is always filled with interesting exhibits and entertainment performances.

As for dining, Morton & # 39; s Steakhouse – lovely upscale restaurant, where you can spend the night, as the Biba Ristorante Italiano, which has repeatedly received the award "Best Restaurant in Sacramento." If you are on the Chinese, P.F. Chang China Bistro is always a favorite among couples.

Sacramento – the city that is abuzz with excitement in this wonderful city has to see and look at.