Changchun Travel Guide

Changchun Travel Guide

Although Changchun has been more than 200 yrs . old, it’s still a young town contrasting other historical towns in China, like Xian. Its located the central part of Songliao simple, addressing a total part of 20,571 square kilometers (about 8,012 square kilometers). Becoming the administrative centre city of Jilin Province with clivia as its town flower, Changchun could be the governmental, economic and social center. If territory of China is within a shape of rooster, therefore Changchun is certainly one attention for this huge rooster. Imaginable its crucial position.

Changchun features suffered lots of hardships, especially in contemporary times. In 1931 Japan invaded and busy entire northeast section of Asia, which can be considered the prelude of Chinese Anti-Japanese War. Clearly Changchun became a colony of Japanese imperialists. On March 1, 1932, Puyi, the past emperor of China, setup Manchukuo in Changchun sustained by Japanese invaders, using Changchun whilst the money. After that brutal guideline of Japanese upon Chinese people had started. After quite a while of struggle and weight, finally Changchun broke from the ruthless rule, going into a bright and splendid future.

Today’s Changchun is charming town with a number of fine names which can present a general effect for this big city.

Spring City of Northland: Changchun is of monsoon climate, locating within the transitional gear from damp area to sub-dry area. The four periods differs a great deal therefore the climate is quite pleasant, consequently Changchun is recognized Spring City of Northland.

Woodland City: Woods, forest, men and women, town interweave together to demonstrate you a distinctive characteristic of Changchun. 39percent of Changchun floor has-been clothed with greenage, which makes Changchun among top urban centers inside aspect. Green flowers near Changchun make the town become a huge oxygen bar, providing people to enjoy genuine fresh air.

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