TVI Express Review – Is TVI Express just another night trip of MLM or TVI Legit?

If you perform any recent searches on new franchise and mortgage companies or home business opportunities, you will likely have had a TVI Express opportunity. TVI Express is a fairly new company, but recently it has been getting a lot of buzz in network marketing and MLM circles. What I will do with this review is separate the noise from the facts so that you can decide about the weather or not TVI Express will act as a flash in a public opportunity or a company that will be able to maintain its success and current popularity.

Is TVI Express a hierarchy? I thought I would start with this to complete the review, because I know this is one of the main questions that many people have in mind.

First of all, it allows you to define "pyramid scheme". The pyramid scheme is a business model that includes recruiting people in the so-called opportunity and exchanging money without delivering any product or service.

The service that TVI Express provides is access to a dynamic travel membership. Membership holders can book flights, vehicles, hotels and cruises at discounted rates. Members also take a 6-day and 7-night vacation to their destination of choice, which includes a free return trip when they join. So, on this side, I feel comfortable saying this is not any kind of pyramid scheme or cash gift program.

About company TVI Express is a UK based company that operates worldwide in countries through Europe and Asia, and has recently been introduced to the United States and Canada. In the first 6 months of this, it rose to nearly 200,000 members which is unprecedented in the MLM industry.

Business opportunity To join TVI and start their business opportunities, you're making your $ 250 payment, and your costs will actually be close to $ 300 if you're in the U.S. because of your credit card, bank transfer fee, and exchange rates. Once your payment is sent, you will receive an official website along with a back office so that you can organize and organize your business. There you will find your access to the travel membership site, and you can access your free vacation. No monthly fees involved with the company, it's a specific addition, and makes job opportunities largely a risk-free venture, in the worst case scenario, you decide that work isn't for you and you're giving up on paying $ 300 a 7-day vacation with a free return trip.

The business opportunity around you is built to recruit two people to work. Once you become a TVI Reseller, you are placed on the Traveler panel. Once out of the traveler’s board, $ 500, $ 250 cash, and $ 250 are paid in e-voucher. After that you are placed on the Express board, when you get rid of the Express board, you are paid $ 10,000 in cash and $ 5,000 in e-voucher. When exiting the Express board, you are placed on another Express board and the process repeats.

My opinion When I first heard about TVI Express, I didn't really realize it, I am a network marketer I hear about new companies and so-called pre-launch opportunities every day. As the company began to grow, I took a closer look. Their business model is unlike any other company I've seen in this industry which is good and bad. It's good that it makes it unique from all the other opportunities available out there, but when the company has a different business structure, you can face a lot of doubts. In the end, I think TVI Express will do its will because of its revolutionary compensation plan and because it revolves around every distributor just having to hire two people, I expect many people will succeed in this business even without previous marketing experience.

For more information about their opportunities and how to benefit from their compensation plan, see the Resources section below.