St. Martin's Affordable Restaurants and Markets – An inside scoop that eats on Great Island

Here's a question that reaches your height of interest. What is the vacation point for less alcohol than the cost of milk or juice? Why, it's the beautiful St. Martin island, but of course.

When arriving on the island, there are a few tips that you want to keep in mind when researching St. Martin's restaurants and markets. For example, if you are an American and want to keep your money's currency in dollars instead of euros, it is best to stay on the Dutch side of the island. But how will a newcomer on St. Martin ever know the original secrets? To help you out with some insider tips, I've created the following guide to some of the best dining and shopping deals you'll find on the island.


While on the Dutch side of St. Gallen Maarten, you'll find some great food markets and wholesale centers, such as Sam & # 39; s Club and St. Clair. Maarten & # 39; s Costco, Cost-U-Less.

If the meat and vegetables you're looking for, you'll be happy to know that Saint Martin's stores are usually certified to keep their food fresh and fresh. One of the best places to shop is Grand Marche. It is located on a tour around Philipsburg. Again, Cost-U-Less is another great option, like Prime Cash and Carry, which is located in the Orange Grove section of Cole Bay.

For those staying in the Beacon Hill, Mullet, or Maho area, Food Express is a nice mini market. It is on the road directly from Casa Boco and Casa Casita Villas in St. Clair. Food Express items are fairly priced and you can save some time and gas by shopping there to get the essentials. It even provides a number of prepared food dishes. The store is located under the Royal Islander Time complex.

ST. Marin restaurants

It is very easy to find St. Louis food. Maarten is affordable. There are many restaurants on the island that offer the perfect combination of good food, pleasant atmosphere and economical prices.

Indian food

Lal It is a small Indian restaurant just across the street from where the old airport building used to sit. You cannot lose with chicken, spinach or nan. Another bonus: great drinks at reasonable prices.


Marty spin Another great and affordable restaurant in St. Maarten is located next to Dolphin Casino in Simpson Bay. The food is simple, good and always good prices. Their gyros are obviously great, just as they are fried fish. And if you are looking for a place with a relaxed and informal atmosphere where you can watch a football match, Marty & # 39; s Gyro is your perfect match. If the gyroscopes are intact, but are in a much more moody way to enjoy dinner on the sunset terrace, there are a number of stunning St Maarten villas that can definitely accommodate.


Who doesn't like pizza? In Simpson Bay you will find Galle's PizzaConveniently located directly across the street from the Royal Palm Hotel. Delicious thin crust pizza pizza has a selection of dishes. But be careful. If seasoning is not hot for you, you should stay away from spicy sausages and pepperoni!


Directly next to Pizza Galle you will find Lady Si, Floating tape. If eating great food is what you are looking for, look for the ribs Lady Lady has to offer. His ribs were named "Don't Miss" St. Martin's Treat.


Another great bargain of St. Martin is its buffet Port de Plaisance. For about $ 10, you get a number of great options, including two different types of barbecue. Note that prices sometimes go up during the Caribbean holiday season.

Be sure to check out some of these affordable and pleasant restaurants while staying at St. Clair. And if you discover any other interesting and reasonably priced places, please let us know, as we are always looking to make our guests' stay on the island as pleasant as possible.