Riding the rails on Shongololo Express Rail Tours

If you decide to take a Shongololo express railway tour, you will take a fast train that started operating in South Africa in 1995. Shongololo is another word for Millini in South Africa. These Shongololo express rail trips explore by railways seven countries on the continent of South Africa. They are South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia.

For example, a dune adventure takes place along the dunes and coast of Namibia in South Africa. Namibia is a diverse region of desert and coast. Shongololo Express Railways booked to visit Namibia can include visiting many different geological regions in one trip. You can see coastal and desert cities as well as huge sand dunes. Train connections provide many optional side trips as well as many scheduled and included side trips. The coast includes Namib sand dunes, which is the largest sand dune in the world. There is also a cool and cloudy morning Skeleton Coast National Park. The northern half of this park is designated a wilderness area. This is also home to many shipwrecks. Cape Cross Seal Reserve contains a number of fur seal colonies. It may include a visit to Itucha National Park which includes 114 different species of mammals and is one of the largest preserved in Africa. Beaches in Namibia have more than half of the sand. Only a small percentage is rocky.

If you are a photographer or just a nature lover, South Africa has a lot to offer. It is a safe tourist destination with plenty of holiday options. If you are looking for plants or birds, you might consider traveling from November to April which is the rainy season with the largest number of birds and plants to be seen. If you are looking for wild animals, you might consider visiting from May to October which is the dry season. This is when vegetation dries up and the wild game is concentrated along flooded areas.

No matter what time you travel while traveling by train, you will generally move at night and go to sleep. Sometimes the train will spend one night in one place. When this happens, you will have the opportunity to travel on a safari camp in a tent camp one night away from the train and then return the next day to the train and continue on your journey. Of course, train connections include transportation, accommodations, meals, entertainment and sightseeing with optional side trips as well.

One of the excursions offered along the way is a trip to Cape Winelands surrounded by mountains. This region has a Mediterranean climate and rich soil and is home to many vineyards in South Africa. On this side trip, you’ll see the regions where they grow grapes for red and white wines from South Africa, cherries and ports, and also wine tastings. Then you have the luxury of returning to your train for another quiet night.
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