Indian Railways and IRCTC

With more than 200,000 freight trains, around 50,000 buses and 8,000 locomotives, the rail group covers the entire length and width of India. With over 7,000 railway stations across the road about 64,000 km, 1.4 million employers across India, and over 20 million passengers, Indian Railways has become one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world. It is not only the largest, but also the most profitable public sector institution in the country! Indian Railways includes Southern Railways, Northern Railways, Western Railways, Eastern Railways, and more. It is worth noting the benefit of Indian trains and their affordability. Trains like Rajdhani Express, Garib Rath Express and Satabdi Express have a proven track record of making the trip easier and more comfortable. Gradually, these high-speed trains capture the bulk of the frouches airlines, as they are able to provide fast, cheap and reliable travel compared to other means of transportation.

IRCTC is the body that runs the entire online ticket booking of Indian Railways! IRCTC means Indian Rail Catering Catering and Tourism Corporation and its internet portal is designed to give a responsive user interface to book tickets for any destination in India. It also runs exclusive trains for all popular tourist destinations and offers many tourist offers that attract attention!

On the IRCTC login page you will find a login list consisting of a user name and password. If you have registered yourself on the IRCTC website, you can enter your login username, password or otherwise for the new registration that you must register and register to log in the new IRCTC. The trial version includes additional services like travel plan, e-ticket reservation, tatkal reservation, cancellation, PNR status check and more. Passengers can also check their PNR status via SMS via mobile phone or landline. All you have to do is send the 10-digit card number to 139 as PRN <10 digit PNR number here> Via SMS or simply call 139 from your phone and follow the instructions and get the current PNR status.

Indian Railways has one of the largest rail networks in the world connecting major cities of India. Navigating India by train has become a lot easier these days thanks to the infrastructure found across the country, thanks to Indian Railways. The convenience and affordability associated with attract all categories of travelers. There are luxury trains dedicated to tourism to facilitate tourists to tour all over the country.