Luxury holidays in India offer unique cultural interactions

India is rapidly climbing the ladder as a favorite global destination for travel and tourism. The main drivers of growth when it comes to tours to India have always been history, heritage, culture, Ayurveda and yoga. Whereas in the recent past, the strange appeal of India has attracted travelers from all over the world to this stunning country, and India as one of the favorite luxury vacation destinations is a recent phenomenon.

Opening up to the economy and its subsequent development led India to rise in the global economy. When it comes to the travel and tourism industries, the effects of liberalization are now visible in world-class infrastructure, the development of tourist destinations and the presence of well-known players in the global hospitality industry. If recent studies are still only luxury holidays in India is one of the fastest growing travel sectors.

Luxurious holidays are nowadays synonymous with creating exclusive destination experiences. There is a great demand for unique cultural experiences among the new generation of tourists and what is the best destination for presenting these in-house experiences of the nomadic Bedouins more than "Amazing India".

The cradle of Indus Valley civilization, the cultural heritage of India is unparalleled. To take advantage of the huge potential of this attraction among foreign tourists, players in the Indian travel industry have come up with a range of exclusive travel packages. Luxurious holiday packages in India are an eclectic mix of unique cultural experience that blends seamlessly with modern Indian ambience and hospitality.

Among the many options for luxury holidays in India, luxury rail travel is quickly guided by the attention of luxury travel industry experts as well as wealthy tourists from all over the world. The history of the luxury train traveling in India began with the introduction of Palace on Wheels in 1982. After its amazing success, more luxury trains followed. The peak of the luxury tourist train in India was reached with the introduction of Maharajas Express.

Maharajas Express was launched in 2010, and has been nominated as India's response to Orient Express of the West. The train has won prizes and hearts from luxury travel experts around the world. With state-of-the-art amenities and 5 tracks for the whole Indian community, it is one of the most luxurious trains in the world.

Besides luxury trains, there are a variety of options to choose from to plan a memorable vacation in India. Rajasthan is the favorite destination when it comes to cultural interactions and glimpses of Royal India. The land of former warlords in Rajput, Rajasthan has much more to offer than just forts, palaces and desert sand dunes. From concerts drawn to heritage hotels that offer authentic experiences of royal life to the colorful bazaar full of artifacts and artifacts, the activities in which they indulge can confuse even the traveler traveling in Rajasthan.

An important aspect of luxury vacationing in India – be it in Rajasthan, Kerala or Goa – especially when it is arranged by players in the travel and hospitality industry. Innovating indoor experiences ranging from pre-filled and off-road tours with local guides, to customized excursions and self-guided tours with the contribution of the concierge crew are very popular with foreign tourists.

In addition to a wide range of luxurious tour packages in India is the eternal attraction of the ancient art of the Ayurvedic and Vedanta Indian healing system. Kerala state is the hub of Ayurvedic tours in India with its many award-winning Ayurvedic resorts. Ananda in Himalaya is another world-famous destination offering a range of massage and beauty treatments for guests in an authentic language. Ananda in Himalaya Hotel is located on top of the Himalayas and overlooks the Holy Ganga near Rishikesh Yoga Center, and offers truly pleasant and energizing accommodation for guests looking for luxury and wellness.

Another major destination for luxury holidays in India, and perhaps the most famous international beach destination in India, is the Emerald Little Goa. It is rare to find the impeccable atmosphere and the unique "Sausagejad" that wears a fabric while staying in pampering world-class resorts anywhere in India.

Luxurious holidays in India give you an opportunity to discover the nature, culture and ownership of this Medieval golden bird. Whether it comes to staying in some of the most exciting destinations in India or traveling on royal tourist trains, the common feature that all tourists encounter is unparalleled luxury and pampering.