850 KOA "Bumper2Bumper" Survey

In August this year, a local radio station, 850 KOA, conducted a "Bumper2Bumper" survey that asked Colorado taxpayers what they thought of their daily commute. The survey covered all aspects of leadership:

Time spent in traffic
Road conditions
Reduced miles per day
Use the phone while driving
Use of materials while driving
And of course … public transportation

I do not matter where you live, there will always be complaints about wandering around the city. California is definitely dread driving through Los Angeles traffic! I can't tell you how often my friends driving drive about how people don't know how to drive in the snow. All the arguments make me sigh with relief, I don't have to stand this nonsense.

There were three aspects of the survey where overwhelming people agreed with each other. The first is about driving to the mountains. According to the 850 KOA, "84% say they avoid using the I-70 in the mountains on weekends due to traffic problems." 84% huge! Another huge sum said that the roads need a little love and care. Sure, the winter is going down roads that don't make it easier for you to enjoy somewhere, like mountains.

When I moved from California I was hoping to do a lot of snowboarding. All winter until my family moved here and I used to go to Big Bear, sometimes Mammoth, for a fun day skiing. We always went to the mountains as a family, so the ability to drive was never ever. The beautiful mountains here in Colorado have been my main motivation for choosing CU Boulder for college. I thought I would meet a lot of people who enjoyed skiing and I would go snowboarding every weekend.

The place I lived in was a year full of introverted people just like me. After a month at school, she finally started opening her doors and getting to know each other. No one is skating or interested in finding out how. I decided to go out and find a group of people who want to go to the mountains for a fun skiing day. I found a few people, but there were some strong arguments for not going to the mountains every weekend.

First of all, it is a freshman year! Nobody has a car on campus! In order to get to where the snow is good, you need one. Second, when I finally met people who loved going up the mountains, they liked to skip school on Friday to beat the traffic there. I was Miss Goodie Two Shoes and I never wanted to miss a class, so I missed my flight there.

I was shocked by all of that. Traffic to get to Big Bear was a pain as well, so I saw the reason why I'm complaining about the i70. It seems that if you make the trip there, you have to make it a weekend and find a place to stay. Brock College children cannot break the cost of the weekend. I realized that getting to the mountains for a day was more difficult than I expected before moving to Colorado.

Speaking of losing his ride to the mountains, the survey also said: "Traffic affects the quality of life in Colorado: 44% say they have lost an important event due to traffic." Skiing is not as important as meeting business or getting out of Doha International Airport, yet it is something I enjoy. Unfortunately, the support service that helps me ride a horse doesn't want to do anything with the i70 on weekends during the ski season. Even in the summer, traffic can be bad with campers weekend.

If skiers and boarders don't want to deal with the i70, RTD has a bus that goes to Eldora, a local resort 20 miles from Boulder. But there is literally only one bus that leaves the city center. Eldora is a great mountain, I went there on a ski trip with the Alumni Association. However, it is very similar to the Big Bear. There are no local RTD bus routes to reach the major resorts; Breckenridge, Aspen, Arapahoe Basin, etc …

There is a private shuttle company, Colorado Mountain Express, that can connect you to these major resorts. It picks up the shuttle at Dubai International Airport, the downtown convention center, or halfway up the mountain on the i70 motorway at Wooly Mammoth Park-n-Ride. Riding these resorts can cost anywhere between $ 39 and $ 49. But get this! According to the survey, "82% said they never use public transportation. More than 3% said they use transportation once a week or more. And over 2% use transportation every day."

So there, Colorado is full of complainants! I'm just kidding. If we work together to create less traffic, reduce pollution, and improve roads, public transportation needs a little facelift. Instead of personally fighting the i70 traffic from a car, riding the bus up to the mountains will definitely motivate more people to use the i70, get up early and spend all day skiing exhausting! From always being a passenger and never a driver, I have to say that it is very good to take a small nap on the home trip.

I think the point I'm trying to make is back to the old saying: "You can't always eat and eat brownies either." Owning a car is much easier than dealing with discovering bus routes. But the same reason can be that you might miss an event or choose to miss an event due to bad traffic and road conditions. The bus is available, and the survey only confirmed that nobody is using it.