Diving signals

Diving signals are the connections underwater divers use with their hands, because underwater communication without expensive private equipment is impossible.

Without people realizing they use a lot of hand or body gestures to express themselves. Movements such as ignoring the shoulders for "I don't know", or nodding the head of "yes" and shaking the head for "no" are very common in our society. Couples who have lived together for a while can also communicate with the body, eyes, and hands and do not need to speak to understand each other.

All references are created to better understand among divers, because going to the roof every time to communicate is dangerous, and sometimes there is no time to write everything on a list. References were also provided by military divers in the early years of diving.

Besides hand gestures used underwater, surface divers use signals or other diving devices to communicate.

Famous diver under the flag (red with a white cross line): Indicates that there is a diver below. No other boats are allowed and there is a second, larger area where boat speed is limited. The flag can be placed on a boat or buoy. In some countries it should decrease when all divers are out of the water. Today this science represents diving around the world.

Alpha flag (white and blue): In international shipping contacts, each letter of the alphabet is represented by a colorful flag. This flag represents the alpha alphabet. By itself means "Diver down; keep slow!" The flag must be transferred from any vessel that has continuous diving operations restricting ship maneuvers.

Surface mark buoys (SMB): Good for indicating boat drivers on your site while doing a safety or boarding stop. SMB makes boat drivers see you from afar on the roof more commonly using yellow SMB for technological diving and means underwater / emergency help they need (for those divers who have to spend hours pausing pressure).

Today, it is necessary to know diving signs before diving. All diving agencies or organizations around the world teach hand gestures to divers, some of which vary from region to region. This is why it is always a good practice to review dive signs when diving with friends and strangers while diving briefing. Divers often have to create a new set of hand gesture according to different diving conditions. The important thing is always to prevent inevitability and always stay safe.

Have fun while diving.