Bucket Hats – a story to tell

Like the fashion trends, data and countless movements that have swept the world in the past few centuries, there is just something about a bucket hat.

Since the times of Gilligan that were stuck on that island when amongst other things a hat was seen as a hunter, it has evolved into an attention grabbing volume about the person who wears it on many levels.

Even before SS Minnow, a bulldozer hat was a popular accessory for women and was part of the modern fashion movement. Meanwhile, across the ocean during the Vietnam War, soldiers were said to have used it as a way to shade themselves from the sun. But somewhere in between there and the end of the disco error, things turned out and the wearers of these hats moved from good to white / wealthy women to the inner city, occupying urban areas with a story to tell.

Perhaps the bulldozer hat kicked off in black society when JJ Walker wore the Good Times hat (in conjunction with his brilliant and exotic appeal) that made her go to the hard and fun work with the hood-fraternity brothers who were just "keeping their heads" above water. "

She gained a lot of exposure during the late 1970s and really gained steam in the 1980s with people like LL Cool J, Fat boys and Run DMC making her a distinct piece of their wardrobe, staple in hip hop and rap community that didn't really cool off.

Yes, it is true that he may have become "unloved" in the mainstream fashion world, but he was alive in the secret hip-hop community. She moved from children who wear her as a means of expressing themselves on turntables and mic spitting words in rap fights, to parents wearing them on a summer vacation with family. Some would argue that the bucket caps adopted by the American public were one of the most important influences of hip hop on people who had thought a little about this type of "heresy" music. Moreover, he only talks about the amazement and diversity he possesses.

However, it witnessed a renewal that brought it to new heights. It's no longer just worn by hard-line rappers, but R & B artists have put together to make it their own.
Bulldozer hats are part of a culture that is still redefining the world in many ways and will forever be a staple of many.