Best offers a Fairmont lift ticket

These days buying an elevator card is like handing and decoding the best way to play it. This season in the ski areas of Vermont, you will find tickets for tickets such as Magic, X2, Points, Passport, Fanfare, Club and Express, to name a few. Buy one of these cards and you will get discounts on elevator tickets and possibly other goods and services. It is worth noting that the Ski Fairmont business association is sponsoring free, introductory packages, learning to ski or ride in participating skiing areas across the state, from January 4 to 10. Check in December for details. Here is a snapshot of the best elevator ticket offers currently available at ski resorts in Vermont:


How do you hold your Super Saver Card? For a $ 199 parting, you can get up to five adult ticket vouchers to use during the season, excluding, of course, during vacation weeks. Better yet, buy two and get one for free for Tuesday and a $ 29 VT / NH Resident ticket on Sunday afternoon.

Bolton Valley

Similar to the Ascutney Card Planner, again for $ 199, you receive five adult ticket vouchers for The Great Skier and Rider Bailout. Or, if you want to get a deal at the start of the season, there is the Happy Holiday Lift ticket, which costs $ 14 and is available from December 15 to 19.

Bromley Mountain

In self-declared Sun Mountain, you can buy a $ 69 Sun Mountain card and use it to get $ 10 of your elevator ticket, any day of the season. On every Tuesday (permanent favorite show day), he buys $ 44 tickets with a lunch provided by the waitress. February 5 is a $ 15 vacation day, with revenue from Susan G. Komen being donated for treatment. Fridays are family days – everyone who buys a $ 39 ticket can buy up to three small tickets for $ 12 each.

Burke Mountain

Sunday noon tickets are a bargain here for $ 18 for everyone. Vermont, Coos, and Grafton County, NH residents can buy tickets for $ 41 (non-holiday), from Sunday to Friday.

Cochrane Ski Area

For under $ 30, adults can take lifts for today.

Jay rush

Fred to Jay is Vermont and Clinton County, New York, the resident ticket price is $ 47, on any day of the season. For everyone else, the way to go is to buy a $ 25 passport card. View them at the ticket booth and get your ticket for $ 49. Additional benefit: With every fifth ticket purchased, the next card is at home. The card is also good for 10% discounts around the resort.


Get a $ 26 Killington Express Card and save at least $ 10 of each ticket you buy for yourself. The nice thing about the card is that it is linked to a credit card to allow direct access to the elevator, thus avoiding the delay at the ticket booth. The days of Vermont's stay will return, but were not announced at press time.

Glacier madness

Guess what this place calls their card … yes, mad card. $ 129 in advance buy three convertible ticket vouchers. If this doesn't turn off your boards, consider a ticket of $ 3.50 on Roll-the Clock Day on January 30, or a special $ 17 of St. Patrick's Day. Free skiing for all children is best on the city's meeting day.

Magic Mountain

Sunday afternoon tickets are good value here for $ 25 a pop, or there's a $ 39 Magic Card, which enables you to buy weekend tickets for $ 10 or Friday tickets for $ 25. Keep in mind that during this season, Magic's regular run schedule will be from Friday to Monday and weekends.

Medical school snow pot

No cards here, just great value overall old fashioned. Tickets are only $ 30 midweek and $ 44 on weekends, and since the cafeteria is aimed at college students, the prices are really reasonable.

Ice mountain

The best way to save tickets here is with a $ 79 FANfare Card, discounts of up to 50% midweek and 25% off at the weekend.

Okemo mountain resort

A new development here this year is that all VT / NH Resident tickets of $ 39 on Wednesday and $ 35 of Sunday morning 48 hours must be purchased online. The first all-day discount day is December 6, which includes 3 non-perishable meals for a $ 30 ticket. On April 1, Food Drive Day is repeated, but upload tickets don't exceed $ 10. Okemo will offer deals online as the season progresses, so check their website before visiting.


In general, it is better to buy elevator tickets off-site at the Fairmont Shoe Shop grocery stores listed on the resort site for $ 50 each. Other than that, there is a $ 15 discount deal in Business Monday, for those who drop a business card from the ticket window. Most Fridays are half-price of Fairmont days on tickets, lessons and rentals for residents. Non-holiday Thursday means $ 29 tickets to well-intentioned college students.


If you don't have a seasonal entry permit, the best deal you'll get here is the $ 75 Stowe Score Card, which allows you to buy $ 59 hike tickets and discounts at summer resort tourist attractions. If you collect 450 points through purchases at the resort, it will reward you with a lift ticket or a round of golf (with a carriage).

Mountain Mountain

You can't go wrong with the $ 69 Stratton Card. You will instantly receive a free elevator ticket and mid-week tickets for $ 30 on weekends for $ 20 off the rack price. New promotional offer here is Family Sunday 4-Pack: $ 99 buy elevator tickets for parents and two kids with the free ski pizza at Grizzly Pub.

Scarbush Resort

Their card holds their SugarDirect Card: $ 99 buys one ticket in advance then 25% off midweek tickets and 20% off weekend. Spring for 10 and eleventh tickets at home.

The sixth suicide

Tuesday are two tickets to raise at the same price, with other discount days announced.