Shallow wins

How many of you have ever wondered if a life of faith is worth it? Don't stay away from me, because you know there are situations in your life when bad guys win. The world is not fair, and the notion that good always triumphs can sound like imagination when you look around and see deception rampant. This fallen world manifests its faults in countless ways, and every time you fall prey to it.

We've all found ourselves in those annoying situations where good people seem to end up in the end. You know exactly what I mean: volunteer on a project because you were on vacation and were not there to object (and nobody stood in your favor because they were too busy protecting themselves). A colleague who has much less responsibility makes a lot of money. The former homeowners did the damage that you had to pay to fix it – but they ignored ignorance and completely hidden it, so they are considered blame. My co-worker spends months practicing politics and gets the upgrade that I was without a doubt more qualified. The list can go on, but I think you get the picture – sometimes people get spoofed.

There is nothing more annoying to a Christian than seeing someone walk away from wrongdoing safely. It is worse when the person has to pay for their mistakes. Many people have the idea that being a believer protects us from injustice in the world. Unfortunately, this is a mistake. Even though we live in a supreme kingdom, we are still stuck in a wrong, corrupt world. And this world loves to prey on believers more than anyone. For some reason, it appears that we have marked "SUCKER" on our foreheads, and some people cannot resist the target in order to achieve this goal.

I am not sure why, but for some reason, believers and non-believers believe that Christians are not allowed to be angry. A look through the Bible will shock these people. Much of the Old Testament revolves around God's wrath over the Israelites for converting against Him and for idolatry. Christ himself had a problem with some of the money changers outside the temple, often steer clear of encounters with the Pharisees, angry Sadducees, and frustration. If he is without sin, anger is not wrong. Instead, it appears through numerous examples in the Bible that it is a response from God Almighty to your mistreatment. I think many people have dealt with anger, confused by the expression of anger. Anger is a completely natural emotion, but there is a divine way to deal with and express it.

I came to believe that it is in the human nature to test boundaries. People have a natural tendency to know how much they can get rid of; some of us have learned to control this desire and respect the limits of acceptable behavior better than others. From time to time, you'll encounter someone who completely ignores boundaries and doesn't care about the repercussions of their behavior. As Christians, we know that there is no way to make such behavior right. Unfortunately, we live in a world where goals are believed to justify the means. In our society, it simply does not matter how many people you skip as long as you head to the top.

Anger in these situations is definitely justified, and I think we will benefit by knowing what the Lord is thinking about such behavior. Psalm 37 instructs us, “Do not meditate on yourself because of the wicked, and do not envy the transgressors! For they will soon fade away like grass, and wither like green grass” (Psalm 37: 1-2 RSV). Although it may seem that people get away with wrong behavior, the truth is that the Lord has seen everything and intends to deal with them at a time and in a way that you speak to them better. Their victory is shallow, because it is temporary. They may win the battle, but have no hope of winning the war.

Although the world is corrupt and seems to be a wicked victory, we cautioned, “Do not be deceived; God does not mock him, because no matter how a man sows, he will reap also” (Galatians 6: 7 RSV). This is not just a concept for balancing justice metrics, but an opportunity to learn from our experiences as well. My grandfather always used to tell me that you always reap what you sow, and I learned that this is right for us. It allows us to grow in wisdom and strength, and to walk humbly with the Lord. By learning from our experiences, we adjust our ability to adhere to the Holy Spirit. I used to think that reaping what you sow was just a way to reward good behavior and punish bad behavior, but I learned that it was really about building a Christ-like character and approaching the Lord. If only everyone would take advantage of this opportunity, but instead many still choose evil ways and frankly do not understand the reason for things to finally unravel.

We will be abused from time to time, but rest assured that the victory people gain from abuse of others is shallow. We have promised that the will will wither away and wither, and that is exactly what the end result of their efforts will be. You may never know that the person who plays the politics of the promotion does not do a good job. People who sold you a house with great harm will never tell you that they have gone out of buying a home that has been much more damaged. And do not expect that the slow, overpaid employee will announce that he has so much reprimanded his record that it is impossible for them to get another job. People who perform such stunts have a clever way to hide them when they reap the consequences of their actions. Although you may not see it, you can tell that they will reap what they sow. It may not be exactly the same way they were wrong, but in a way that speaks to them in a more effective way to deal with the misconceptions that lead to their behavior.

It may look like the good players have finally finished, but that is only one leg of the race. Feel free to share your frustration with the Lord, because he understands how you feel. Don't worry, because he can handle your anger. In fact, he needs you to express it so that he can provide the comfort that you need for your specific situation. Speak to God, scream, scream and cry, then pray for help and guidance. Do not spoil your happiness by clinging to anger and thoughts of revenge, because these people do not deserve to disturb your peace and joy.

While your tormentors are pessimistic about their victory, remember, “The Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees that his day is coming” (Psalm 37:13 RSV). Through Christ, you already have the ultimate victory, so be thankful and laugh with it.