Brand cohesion with customer experience model

The correlation between the company's brand and the service model of service delivery is critical to pursuing extraordinary customer experiences. Cohesion is a critical component of the successful design of the service model of any service provider.

Two simple examples of "cohesion" may clarify the concept.

A luxury travel company advertises itself as an expert in determining the "best fit" between your vacation desires and various properties around the world. However, when consumers ask about specific details related to the hotel (for example, how convenient is the hotel for Bilbao Guggenheim?) It quickly becomes apparent that service representatives are not adequately skilled, or sufficiently aware, of travel destinations to support upscale clients. There is a clear mismatch between the “luxury” brand identity and the experience or training of service representatives.

In another case, a major credit card company announces its service as a global class. However, billing disputes cannot be resolved over the phone or the web, as instead they require written correspondence with supporting evidence the consumer collected from the merchant. Global companies really deal with these same orders over the phone and mediate on behalf of the customer with merchants; requiring the merchant to provide evidence, not the consumer. Since the service bar has already been set too heavily, the new subscriber trying to attract premium consumers must match or exceed competitive offers. Promising sophisticated service, and then not provided, has a greater impact on loyalty than setting lower expectations and consistently meeting a clear standard.

Cohesion encourages self-selection among potential customers, which increases the likelihood that investments in advertising, marketing, and sales will pay off in revenue growth. The brand’s strong and clear identity reduces the cost of sales by eliminating a large group of potential customers who are less likely to turn into paid customers.

A clear and married brand identity of a coherent service strategy defines an expectation threshold that can drastically reduce the number and severity of customer complaints, which significantly reduces the cost of exception. Consumers who know they are shopping in Wal-Mart bargain box will have lower expectations from fanatic fashion designers roaming revolutions at Manolo Blahnik in Century 21. Sure, they're only paying $ 250 for Tuccio Watersnake's $ 725 pumps, but they want perfection slipped in This discount complex.

Inconsistency may be evident in relatively subtle ways, but these interruptions are captured by consumers, consciously and unconsciously, resulting in a feeling of barely uncomfortable or uncomfortable which reduces the client's tendency to repeat business. Deviations from customers from sincere rules of conduct lead, at a minimum, to excessive marketing costs, and at the most extreme, this lack of repeated business translates into an oral expression of the company's final collapse and collapse. Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are the classic canary in this coal mine. Without a solid core for repeat business (or very non-recurring tourist traffic), a restaurant that does not hear this word cannot generate enough traffic by advertising alone to stay open.

Consumers easily divide their expectations and facilitate the transformation of their demands as they enter different forecasting frameworks. Parents can dine at Fat Duck in Bray (chosen as the best restaurant in the world in 2005) one night and take the family to Outback Steakhouse the next night; each of those contrasting experiences is still seen as quite satisfying. The consumer can drive his Maserati Quattroporte to Central Park for a $ 2 hot dog and feel no inconsistency because his expectations diverge appropriately. Travelers can comfortably stay in Taj, New Delhi, one night and camp under the stars in Rajasthan the next day. Usually, consumers are not required to obtain the utmost luxury and refinement from every experience. They simply demand each experiment in an appropriate framework of expectations.

The corporate brand identity is one of the most powerful ways in which this forecast framework is defined. Another critical factor is the service environment that supports the brand. If the brand identity is pervasive or inconsistent, and the service standards are misaligned, the consumer will not be able to settle on an anticipated framework that suits them and will not establish a pattern of “loyal” behavior for that company. Repetitive business dwarfs and the consumer does not provide positive feedback on oral speech pulses that are critical to long-term revenue growth.

By establishing cohesion between brand identity and service delivery model, companies can begin to develop a strategy that leads to extraordinary customer experiences.

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Book flights and save money

After planning your vacation, vacation, or trip, book your flight, then look forward to your date of travel. If you are a wise traveler, you definitely want to save some money while traveling, but still have the best possible services. Flight comfort is very important and you definitely want to look at the quality you will get from the airline you are traveling to. Fortunately, there are many ways to book good trips and still save money and some of the best travel advice are explained below.

Plan your trip during the off-season – This could be a convenient way to save money if your holiday type is not directly affected by the season. When you go against the crowds, you definitely enjoy the cheapest cost of travel and you end up getting to the cheap destination. Understand your destination, learn about peak seasons and beyond, and plan your trip according to saving some money while you are there.

Consider using small airlines Major airlines are very popular and even with airline tickets soaring, customers can still get them. Small airlines still trying to name the travel industry tend to offer cheaper flights and you can think of a few of them to get to your destination without spending a lot on them. New airlines also offer discount flights and you can take advantage of offers to save some money while traveling to your favorite destination.

Choose flights with stops It is much cheaper compared to quick trips to the destination. Downtime may mean longer flying hours to where you are going, but you will definitely save some money by sacrificing a little of your time. However, you should always check the direction of your flight to ensure that it does not cause any inconvenience in any way.

Going to the airports is less popular Smaller airports attract fewer crowds and the airlines that use them offer lower tickets to attract travelers to terminals. Check out the different airports that you have in your area and see the options available for your destination. You can only save a good amount when you choose to use the less popular airports in your area and you can still enjoy the same quality of service that you would have enjoyed using big airports.

Choose the best travel days – Midweek trips will save you some money because they are less popular. Most people go to weekends and travel to work at the beginning of the week. When you choose to travel on midweek days, you increase your chances of enjoying low flight tickets to your destination. While maintaining your flight, booking your flight early can provide you with an opportunity to save money on your ticket and you can also enjoy the same cheap interest by choosing to book it late and make last minute deals much cheaper.


Road trip through the USA – Transport and Quick Travel Guide

Traveling to the U.S. can be a huge problem but we do have some tips for making navigating and traveling through the U.S. easy and fun. During the trip, you will go and see the places where you spend a wonderful time between the different atmosphere and culture that each city and state offers. Like a road trip, you need to get the right items along the way to make USA travel the best experience ever.

Camera – The camera is one of the greatest inventions made. You will be able to take pictures of the places you visit or the people you meet. The memories of these pictures are invaluable and we will cherish them forever in your heart.

Another great invention camcorder – camcorder is where you can record your journey and relive memories later in your life. You will be shocked and surprised to remember the great adventures you have gone through and the people you have faced. You can upload your video to YouTube or convert it to DVD to share with your friends and family.

Clothing – Ensure that the clothing package is sufficient for this trip. Remember to pack a jacket, hat and some gloves in cold weather. Clothes are not a big deal as you can always buy new clothes along the way.

GPS – Having a GPS makes your life really easier as you will be able to know where to go to this special place in the city. GPS is a necessity on the road trip and not having one will make your life more difficult along the way.

It's always a good idea to catch a laptop with old friends, instant messages or send an email about your trip. You can post things online and share them with others or browse some of your favorite news sites to find out what's happening in the world.

Credit Card – A credit card gives you credit for purchasing items when you don't have the money available to do so. This is very useful as you can buy things now and pay them later

ATM Card – Sometimes there are places that do not accept credit cards. Having a ATM card to withdraw money from your bank is a good way to get the cash available. This is very useful because some stores or hostels may not accept credit cards and only deal in cash.

Moving and traveling from places to places is a journey, adventure, big road trip. It's an exciting experience and having some friends with highlights will amplify fun and adventure. If you've seen the movie "Road Trip," you'll understand the journey and the fun you meet along the way, by traveling from places to places throughout the United States of America.

Remember to get a map and specify your destination in the United States of America. In each city in the places you want to visit, specify the path you want to go, and specify the places you want to go first and last to be more effective in terms of time. Make sure you always have GPS to determine the places you want to go because it saves a lot of time and energy. There is less frustration when you have a Global Positioning System [GPS] that can help you decide where to go from one second to the next.

While traveling through the USA, be sure to search the places where you will stay and the hotels and hostels that need to be booked in advance. Doing so will save you headaches and future rush to find a place to stay overnight. Some hotels and hostels may be full along the way, so it is always a good idea to pre-search and book them before they are complete.

Store materials along the way such as water and food so you are not hungry while riding. If there is a food station nearby, be sure to head out to eat and drink and go to the bathroom. You will need to relax from time to time to revitalize yourself. Your eyes need rest and some coffee will help make you more alert on the road.

Enjoy traveling through the USA These are some quick tips on movement and travel that make your trip faster, easier and less headache. Search in advance and prepare with the right tools and equipment for the road ahead. Enjoy having fun on a road trip.


Why the pyramids of Egypt attract tourists

The main reason for visiting the country is the legacy of history that connects ancient Egypt and the scope to go to the colossal pyramids of this land. Known for its rulers or the beautiful pharaohs and queens, one of the main reasons people visit Egypt is the pyramids. The sites where the pyramids are located symbolize all the bustling activities and activity from the point of view of tourists. With the culture enriching every stone and the tremendous effort made by the workers that led to the construction of the pyramids, you should plan a quick vacation. There is no doubt one can express when estimating that the pyramid is one of the highest man-made structures until modern skyscrapers appeared.

Explore rich history

Besides building the pyramids through which the contribution of stars comes from former Egyptian workers, the structure imitated a stone found in ancient temples. When you go to the legends of this earth, you will quickly come across that the sun god, Rei also arose from a pile of similar shape coordinating with the structure of the pyramid. Moreover, unfinished stories and legendary interpretations of these structures can hardly resist the enthusiastic travelers around the world. There is so much you can imagine before you start planning the trip but your thoughts will culminate when you make a camel trip to get to the place where the pyramids are located. It is truly one of the most specific structures in Egypt. Although you will encounter ongoing theories about the construction of the Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is largely known as the tomb of Khufu. To plan an exclusive trip to the Pyramids of Egypt, you can focus on travel offers to explore these structures.

Explore the pyramids

The Pyramid of Giza is known all over the world and is located on the Giza Plateau near Cairo. A number of tourists arrive at this point every year. It's an unbeatable build and you won't find it anywhere else around the world. There are countless theories that prevail when it comes to the way they are built. Despite the existence of these theories, it seems that the ancient Egyptians were more technologically advanced to leave any record in their construction. There are various shafts, chambers and sections associated with legends when they reveal the history of these structures. The sights of Egypt's pyramids are undoubtedly on every visitor's list for this country. Specifically, it is the shape of this structure and engineering skills in ancient times that have led to the formulation of many theories.

Discover ancient Egypt

Visitors planning a trip to this country are keen on a trip to the pyramids because of the grand and majestic structure. However, the presence of various theories greatly attracts people's attention. There are packed tours available for travelers and a one-day trip to see the structure is the main attraction. Whether it's the direction of the structure to the main points of the compass, the massive limestone structure and all the amazing work are forcing you to visit the pyramids of Egypt.


How did I get a 5D4N Budget License in Singapore for P7200 (RM 620)

After three days of work, I finally had the opportunity to travel to neighboring countries. However, since I have limited resources, I chose the two countries that can be reached by bus transportation from Malaysia – Thailand And Singapore.

With regard to the time, I heard from a local colleague that it will take me 8 hours to take a bus to Thailand (but not after Bangkok – only on the Malaysia-Thailand border) and only 4-5 hours to Singapore.

While the cost of living in Thailand is much lower than Singapore, I did some research and found that there are endless ways to travel in luxury cities like Singapore within budget. Because it has excellent transport links and a lot of great tourist sites, I chose to go SingaporeEven if I have to eat rice chicken for a whole week.


Departure: Kuala Lumpur, TBS (Bersepadu Selatan Station) -> Singapore, Little India (Rent: RM45 = P517.50)

Arrival: Singapore, Fifth Katong Mall -> Kuala Lumpur, KLL5 Elements Chinatown (Rent: RM72 = P828)

Total Fare: RM117 (P1345.50)

Of all three transportation available to Singapore – plane, bus and train – buses are the cheapest and most economical to choose as you can take midnight tickets and sleep while traveling.

The bus trip takes about 5.5 hours from Malaysia to Singapore. Note that you may have to be awake during the last hour because traveling between cities will require you to cross two immigration buildings – one leaving Malaysia and the other entering Singapore.

Quick tips:

  • If you can book online, do so so you can book the shuttle bus early. I booked it at They also have lots of promotions including discounts and travel vouchers every month.

  • As advised, choose midnight schedule (12 p) So you can arrive early in Singapore and take advantage of the time saved to roam in nearby attractions before checking into the hostel.

  • Make sure you have legal visa and passport details as there is an opportunity for immigration officers to work with Singapore Forest It may stop and bring you to a strict interrogation if you have wrong documents.


Online reservation fee: RM 205 (P2357.50)

Duration of stay: 5 days – 4 nights

Online Merchant: Agoda

You choose in the first place Prince of Wales Because this is one of the cheapest hostels with no errors from agoda reviews which was a positive sign that it is in good condition. True enough, I received a sheet, pillow and blanket after check-in. There were also five discount coupons with one free hostel Heineken / Jam Jar from the hostel. The administration said they would stop moving forward with the Heineken / Jam Jar movement and that I was the last to receive the red coupon. I’m lucky!

The remainder of the mixed dormitory contains four bunk beds, most of which were foreigners. Aircon operates from 9 PM to 9 AM only. The shower on the ground floor has a heater and excellent Wi-Fi speed. On a Saturday night, I went home to watch bands playing soothing music.

Generally, this is it Recommended Inn if you want cheap backpacker accommodation with good quality service and proper maintenance.

First day: Little India + Boghis: RM 102 / SGD 34 / PHP 1173

Considering the exorbitant 5-day transportation cost in Singapore, I planned to take advantage of Singapore's Tourist (STP) 20 Singapore Dollar (3-day permit) which enables me to get unlimited travel on subway, subway and public bus stations. Then I will use STP for day 2-4 even for the first day, I have only visited the tourist spots near my hostel – Prince of Wales.

Therefore, it is important to choose a strategic location where you will book your home. For me, I recommend Little India Because:

  • It MRT It is the intersection between the northeast line (train to Sentosa, Clarke Quay or Chinatown) and the middle of the line (train to Botanical Gardens or Bugis)

  • It has many temples and mosques nearby (see below) with a cultural "feeling" that overwhelms your inner Hindu.

  • It has access to stalls by street vendors at as low as SGD 5 For every meal – like The Tika Center – Which includes a wonderful variety of Singaporean cuisine.

  • You can also shop for souvenirs on Mustafa Shopping Center For cheap perfumes or jewelry.

Bugis Within walking distance of Little India so you can buy your STP there, explore boutiques on Bugis Street and pray at the nearby Temple of Blessings.


  • Sri Veeramakaliyaman Temple

  • Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

  • Mustafa Shopping Center

  • Indian Heritage Center (SGD 4 To enter, free English tour)

  • Abdul Ghafour Mosque Mosque

  • Haji Lin

  • Bogis Street

  • Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

Day 2: Sentosa + Merlin + Gardens next to the bay: RM 126 / SGD 42 / PHP 1449

By the second day, I had unlimited transportation thanks to the STP card so that I could roam everywhere in Singapore. Unfortunately, the cost is not covered Sentosa Express That I paid for SGD 4 (P140). I have not gone to Universal Studios Singapore anymore since I actually went there but for those who are wondering, the entrance fee is SGD 74 (P2590).

In the afternoon, I went to Gardens beside the bay Walk around the Raffles Place, the Helix Bridge, and the boardwalk at Marina Bay Sands. It was one of the most beautiful tourist spots I have seen in Singapore and I especially recommend it when you take advantage of the entrance fees to the cool institutes – Forest cloud And Dome of flowers – for SGD 28 (P966). I was lucky too because there is an event called Garden Rhapsody – Retro fever In Supertree Grove where there were bright lights dancing to the 80's tone and it was really cool.

Marina Bay near Merlion Statue was very beautiful during the night. As I was walking on Jubilee Walking TrailI can see the gorgeous Marina Bay Sands shining through the calm waters. With the area still full of tourists, I suddenly remembered the song "The Night is Still Young."


  • Vivo City, Harbourfront

  • Sentosa – Waterfront, Impe and Beach stations

  • Marina Bay at Raffles Place

  • Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands theaters

  • IUD Bridge and Jubilee Path

  • Bay Bay Gardens – Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, Super Tree Grove

  • Makansutra

  • Singapore Flyer

Day 3-4: Botanical Gardens + Orchard + Clarke Quay + Chinatown: RM 60 / SGD 20 / PHP 690

From Little India, I went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens to run in the morning. The habitat was quite huge with lots of interactive tracks like Healing and Evolution Gardens. It belongs to one of UNESCO World HeritageAlso, the place has been preserved correctly with some areas (near Ginger Garden) still being renovated. It was also near some buildings of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

When I took the Orchard exit from the Botanical Gardens, I boarded the bus with my STP tool to the scene Al Bustan Road. Foreigners were filled with branded paper bags from shopping malls like Ion, Wisma Atria, Tangs, Takashimaya and Lucky Plaza. As a major tourist attraction filled with retail and entertainment centers, it was one of those places that Al Alfy often called "Instagrammable".

To make up for the weary walking escape, I decided to relax near the historic river they call Clarke Quay. Since there are many restaurants and nightclubs like Hooters and Zouk (still closed for renovation), it is considered to be the celebration capital of Singapore.

Tourists can enjoy their stay at the stunning pier with the G-Max Reverse Bungee (Singapore Dollars 45 = P1575(Singapore River Cruise)SGD 22 = P770) Or maybe just chill on a reading bridge with ice cold beer while listening to some street artists.

The next day, I went to the Chinese colored pocket in Singapore, ethnic Chinatown. Starting at Pagoda Street, I've seen various types of stores ranging from hot tiger balm to large ruby ​​dragon statues. There were also Chinese and Indian temples near the area as well as the Chinese Heritage Center (for an entrance fee SGD 15 = P525).

I also went to two street vendors centers along the vicinity Chinatown Food And the Maxwell Food CenterEspecially, Tian Tian Hainannis, Rice Rice, who gained popularity through the presentation of Anthony Burdan in one of his "No Reservations" program.

Across the Maxwell Food Center, there were museums such as the Red Dot Design Museum and Museum Singapore City Gallery (Formerly URA Gallery). Admission is free, and the entire exhibition aims to show the material transformation of the past forty years which is educational and fun. The city of Diorama was also exhibited in Singapore with accurate representations of buildings across the country.

On the night of the fourth day, I met some of my friends in Singapore for dinner at a restaurant along Robertson Quay. We walked from Clarke Quay and on the footpath near the river's perimeter. Suffice it to say, the food was very delicious.


  • Singapore Botanic Gardens – Foliage, Healing, Evolution, National Orchid

  • Orchard Road malls

  • Clarke Quay – Singapore River Cruise and G-Max Reverse Bungee

  • Chinatown – People's Park Complex and Center

  • Jame Mosque (Chulia)

  • Sri Mariaman Temple

  • Chinatown Food and Maxwell Food Center

  • Singapore City Gallery

  • Robertson Quay

Fifth day: KATONG + EAST COAST: RM 63 / SGD 21 / PHP 724.50

Early in the morning, I went out of my hostel and had lunch at Geelang Road And my STP surrendered for 10 SGD deposit. Then I went to Katong V Mall It is the pick-up point for buses that return to Malaysia. The shortest route is Cannes via Paya Lebar Station and to the free shuttle service from Paya Lebar Square to Katong V.

As I still had two hours to leave, I walked the streets until I was hit by the calm waters of Singapore, on the beach side East Coast Park. Designed as an urban sanctuary where families and friends can play volleyball, ride bikes, celebrate recreational events, barbecues and tossed in the water. Overall, it is an ideal place to relax and relieve stress.


  • Geelang Road

  • Paya Lebar Square

  • Fifth Katong Mall and nearby shopping malls

  • East Coast Park


The perfect choice for a family vacation – theme park

Parents with children usually plan the holidays that their children will enjoy most children love theme park a lot. Fun, horse riding, organized events and activities are not like what you can manage on your own. Theme parks are an excellent way to enjoy a vacation with your family. Moreover, spending your vacation in the theme park will save your time planning. Once a decision is made about which park to visit, there is no need to give her another idea until you arrive at the site with your family.

There are many parks in the United States. To choose the option that best suits your requirements, you may need to ask yourself questions – what would your family like to do during their vacation at the theme park? Are they a fan of roller coasters? Or do they love Disney characters? Or maybe to have fun in the water park? Regardless of your preferences, I'm sure you will find one of the many theme parks in America that cater to your needs.

If you and your family love action games, the notable Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California is one of your best options. It currently has more than 40 types of different rides, including thrill rides, family rides and children's rides. You might plan a one-day trip if you are not staying close to the park or you may choose to stay at a nearby hotel like Hyatt Regency Valencia, Best Western Valencia Inn, Holiday Inn Express Suites Santa Clarita and Hilton Garden Inn Valencia Six Flags.

Most children love Disney characters. You can visit the largest and most visited theme resort in the world in Florida – The Walt Disney World Resort, which includes four theme parks, water parks, shopping and entertainment areas, and more than 20 themed hotels and other attractions. Disney characters will definitely raise your children and fulfill their dream. Under the same management as Disney Group, Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California and Disney's Animal Kingdom or Disney MGM Studios, both of which are located in Orlando, Florida.

If you want to go to a theme park away from America, there are hundreds of theme parks all over the world. In Europe, you can choose Alton Towers or Fantasy Island in the UK. You can also visit Europa-park in Germany or Gardaland in Italy. All of these parks are popular parks in these areas.

Which park are we heading for? The choice is in your hand. With the right choice, you may have a lifetime experience. For more information, please visit


The Mexico Vacation Draw finally begins to win

Over and over the past few months, major US publications like the New York Times have issued warnings about the war that Mexico's drug lords had declared against the civilian population in that country. It is reported that the war has lost 10,000 people each year over the past four years alone. But despite regular news about mass graves, public shootings, beheadings and horrific kidnappings, in one way or another, to American college students in the Spring Break, pulling cheap beer, standing sun, sand, and surfing was a bit tempting to resist. It is surprising that fathers are left to their children to take the trip – read the news every day as they do, with a major or other city in the country seeing dozens of killings every day. Although 40,000 people lost what was needed to get people to finally sit down and notice this. The idea of ​​a cheap vacation in Mexico finally started.

However, the blow was relatively modest. American Express Tourism, in an article on the Wall Street Journal, said it saw a 15% decrease in the number of tourists who ask to go to Mexico. Mazatlan, an important beach resort in Mexico, has only seen three major cruise lines departing the city from the itinerary completely. The Texas government has warned college students not to take an interest in drug war hotspots like Acapulco and Cancun – both of which are highly troubled places for drug violence. On the other hand, the Mexican Tourism Board is calling all this worry out of the ludicrous and misguided Americans. When a government warning says that college students in Texas need to “avoid traveling to Mexico during the spring break and stay alive”, it may be somewhat understandable that the Mexican government may be concerned about their tourism industry.

So this even called for? Perhaps all of the violence in Mexico causes Mexican civilians to be caught in the crossfire. Sure, should American tourists who hang around in the resorts and the surrounding tourist areas be safe? Well, that's what 110 American tourists thought died in Mexico last year. The government estimates that most of these "tourists" were actually drug carriers or something similar. But even if a tourist is on vacation in Mexico to make him alive outside Mexico, street robberies and other minor drug-related crimes may often be too. There are other warnings distributed to tourists as well that may take some fun on vacation in Mexico – warnings that you should never drink any drink that does not open right in front of you, you should never travel after sunset and that you should prefer to travel in groups.

Is it time to drop the idea of ​​a Mexico vacation? Look at it this way – Starwood will open two new hotels in Mexico; Hilton will open six new hotels this year. Either their confidence that Mexico will overcome its problems is strong, or they are confident that the Americans do not care.


Keystone Resort Vacation Rentals: Mountain House Vs River Run Base Areas

Keystone Resort, Colorado is home to world-class skiing, amazing dining, affordable cat skiing and three mountain peaks, and is one of the few resorts in Colorado offering night skiing, making it one of the longest skiing days around, providing visitors with a huge bang For their buck. It is also home to the Kidtopia Festival – where kids can get a blast, and take part in recreational activities designed just for them, including visiting and playing in a huge snow castle at the top of the mountain! Not to mention the countless other winter activities to enjoy, such as snowboarding, skating, good food, skis, live music, festivals and more!

So, I made the decision to visit Keystone this winter, and now the hard part comes, where do you stay? Keystone is a small town about 3 miles long and sits in a valley at the foot of the mountain. The mountain itself consists of three separate peaks lined from north to south. Dercum, North Peak and Outback, each providing unique terrain and features. The Dercum Mountain is the highest peak in the north and the front side provides only two access points to the entire mountain, Run River and Mountain House.

From the two main regions, River Run is the newest in these two regions and is known as the main village, where it takes both gondolas and Summit Express wheelchair lifts and transports you to the summit of Dercum Mountain. This village has a pedestrian-only area, with lots of great shops, ski equipment rental shops, cafes and restaurants. A night ski inspection is available outside the gondola, bathrooms and safes at the season ticket and ticket office. The only thing this really basic area is missing is a central "ski inn", but there are many restaurants located within walking distance of the slopes, where there are plenty of restaurants. Kickapoo Tavern is a fun place for lunch or beer to ski, with a large outdoor patio overlooking the slopes. Some of the recreational features of River Run Village are the Dercum Square Outdoor Ice Rink, various sculptures throughout the village, and many unique shops and an outdoor gas pit, ideal for warming up on a cold day. There are a range of accommodation options at River Run which are all within yards of gondolas, including springs, Jackpine, Arapahoe, Black Bear, Silver Mill, Dakota, Buffalo, Expedition Station and Red Hawk Lodge. The real Keystone ski sites in the Keystone are Lone Eagle and The Timbers, which are across Snake River Bridge directly behind the gondola and then over cliffs a few meters from the village.

Both bases are home to ski schools, skier services and rental shops. Mountain House has a great beginner area with a magic rug and a comfortable chair. You can find similar beginner terrains in the gondola stop in the middle of the mountain and in the upper part near Schoolmarm. Although you will not find a pedestrian "mall" area here with the same all-inclusive shopping and dining options as River Run, you will find that Mountain House is a true ski resort area complete with inns with indoor safes, a cafeteria, a bar, ski supplies store and bathrooms; fits Any skier needs. You will also find the elevator ticket office here at the base, near the escalators, Peru and Argentinian. The Peruvian elevator takes you to the top of District 51, along with some green and blue tracks and you can return to the Rang River base area in just one tour or hop on the Montezuma Express Lift in the middle of the mountain to head up.

Mountain House accommodation prices tend to be slightly lower than River Run, while most amenities offer the same. Chateaux DuMont properties are very popular and unique, and most feature a private hot tub with slope views! Another great option is Slopeside Condos in Mountain House, just steps away from the lifts. There are quite a number of properties here that are within walking distance of the mountain at a fraction of the cost. If you feel the need to stop at the main village, all you have to do is ski or board a bus!

There are also plenty of housing options outside of the two main villages. The Settler & # 39; s Creek Hotel in East Keystone is one of the resort's latest and most popular housing projects and features beautiful multi-storey houses with a garage and great views of the surrounding mountains. In the center of the neighborhood, "Minnie & # 39; s Cabin", is a central recreational gathering place, complete with a heated outdoor pool, hot tub, billiard table, barbecue and lounge area to host gatherings and barbecues.

Keystone Resort hosts a free shuttle service to the resort that will take you wherever you need to go inside Keystone and most of the apartment complexes are serviced by the shuttle. Most rides to slopes from anywhere in Keystone are 10 minutes or less! There is also a free district-level transportation system known as Stage Stage which makes it very easy to roam the high country without a car. Denver International Airport is just 90 minutes away, and there are many transportation companies that will take you to and from the airport.

If you're willing to stay outside the key villages of Keystone, you are often able to find better deals and prices on your accommodations. Make sure to choose a property management company that will allow you to choose the exact property you are staying in so you know what to expect and can plan your trip early. If you have a large group, ask the property manager about renting a private home! Wherever you are in Keystone, you'll find it very easy to find everything you are looking for and more!


Enjoy a romantic, unique Christmas experience – vacation at an optional resort clothes

Do you remember the line from Clark Griswold in the national Christmas Holiday film Lampon? Clark, in a state of frustration, pronounces his wife, Eileen, "Worse? How can things get worse? Take a look here, Eileen. We're on the threshold of hell." Does this movie remind you of the last Christmas holidays for your family?

Maybe it's time to try something unique, different, and fun. Try something new, exciting, and romantic. Enjoy some in the sun. Vacation at an optional clothing resort this holiday season.

"But I'm not naked," you think. there is no problem! More and more, nude resorts have become the predominant. You'll want to go where the weather is warm and mean Miami or sunny Palm Springs.

In the best optional spa resorts, guests don't think of themselves as naked. They just love European style sunbathing. They do not even ship membership as old-fashioned nudist colonies.

The life of people is hectic. It is full of stress. They desperately need to relax. This is why perfect nudist resorts. They are an oasis of tranquility in a sea of ​​holiday hustle. Best served by husbands, so they don't have noisy kids running around. You can relax by the pool all day and not to be disturbed. A gift for a holiday at an optional clothing resort is the perfect gift for any happy couple.

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Hawaii Vacation – New Year Celebrations

Since Captain Cook arrived in 1778, the Hawaiian people have known nothing of Christianity (or any other religion in the world) they have not had Christmas celebrations. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Hawaiian and New Year Christmas celebrations became a mixture of traditions introduced by explorers and missionaries from the eighteenth century from Europe and the United States, as well as the ancient winter solstice celebration in Hawaii. After being introduced by missionaries, Hawaiian residents tried to say "Merry Christmas" but it didn't look like it was in English. So, "Milli Kalimakaka", which is an audio translation of this phrase, was the best option. Traditional Hawaiians celebrated Maheki, a celebration around the time of the winter solstice that lasted up to four months. They used this period to express their appreciation of their gods for food extracted from land and sea. The first deity of this festival was Lono, who represented fertility and growth.

During the festival time, I uploaded his picture in Tiki form, all over the islands and shown to everyone. Makahiki was also a time of peace as it was forbidden for warriors from rival clans to go to sea in rowing boats during this festival. This ensures that time can be spent on peaceful festivals and holidays that include pigs and fish. The festival also marked the beginning of the new year, which is the time when Hawaiians say "Hauoli Makahiki Hou" – "Almost Happy New Year for you." Because makahiki also means “year”, the Hawaiian term for “happy new year” has become “Hau & # 39; oli (happy) Makahiki (year) Hou (new)” (how-OH-lee mah-kah-hee-kee ho) . Therefore, Millie Kalimakaka Lee Ka Hawley Makahiki Hui means "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

Here is a good article about Hawaii Christmas and New Year. As shown in the article.In 1856, King Kamehameha IV moved the official National Day of Thanksgiving to December 25, more than Christmas Day. A major Christmas celebration was held on the royal kings in 1858, including what is believed to be the first Christmas tree on the islands. Hawaii has a very relaxing climate with cool breezes and warm sun throughout the year. The relaxed, stress-free culture encapsulates the Aloha spirit experience during New Year's celebrations.