Rustic wedding on California's Central Coast

Rustic wedding creates picture scenic vineyards, earthly scents and romantically lit cellars. You need a little decoration to interfere, because the situation is so naturally colorful. While most of the vineyards look similar, depending on the season and the age of the vines, the winery buildings themselves can vary greatly. Decide if you prefer the style of a country house, a French castle or a simple stone building.

Another issue – the proximity of the winery to the airport and / or accommodation for guests from the area. Many wineries offer receptions outdoors with a view of the vineyard, perhaps with the guards, who were in the chic tasting room. Some have wine cellars and barrels that can be set with candles in medieval style for the wedding dinner. Combination or a variation of them can be included, make the most of the natural attributes of the winery.

Another great thing about the conduct of the country's wine at a wedding is that you really do not need much in the way of additional costs to the finish. Plus gorgeous setting will improve your wedding photo.

Popular tasting of guilt on the central coast of California include Paso Robles, Edda valley near San Luis Obispo and the area of ​​Santa Maria and Arroyo Grande. Not every winery offers wedding services, but in the following locations there. Call and ask about their proposals, and then take a tour with her fiancé who interests you. Do not forget to try their wine!

In the area of ​​Paso Rabls, Chris winery It is located in Templeton. They have a rose garden and gazebo, as well as a banquet hall with a view of the vineyard. They can accommodate up to 200 people and will allow you to bring food service. Call 805-434-039 or look

Plant "Meridian" in Paso Robles can accommodate up to 150 guests in their room, barrel-tea. Their herb gardens outdoors can accommodate up to 200, and large weddings can be performed on the lawn overlooking the vineyard. Please call 805-226-7135 for more information.

Robert Hall Winery in Paso Robles has a wedding coordinator. Installation is on top of a hill overlooking the vineyards. Call 805-239-1616 or see

Other wineries in the Paso Robles area, offering wedding room include EOS Estate Winery, 805-239-2563, Justin Vineyards, 805-781-7303, and basements Zenaydy, 805-227-0382.

In areas of San Luis Obispo and Edna Valley, Edna Valley Vineyard, Wayne has an indoor and outdoor space and includes a wedding coordinator. They have a courtyard, garden, lawn, a ballroom, and barreled lounge and can accommodate up to 250 people. You can bring any food product. Call 805-544-5855 or see

To the south, in the area Arroo Grande, Laetitia Winery offers wedding services. Call them by phone 805-481-1772.

Great lunch at Paramount, CA

If the burger – it's what you're back, you will find some great options at Paramount, including Burger Tam, Doublz and Sky & Burgers.

Local publication Tam & # 39; s, located on the Boulevard Alondry, published a number of local publications per room for 1 burgers at Paramount area. This is because Tam & # 39; s offers a wide selection of rich, high-quality hamburgers that come to the rescue with fries. There's also offers some unconventional lunch items such as chicken tacos, sandwich Pastrami, cheese fries and chili chicken burger. Tam & # 39; s running very late, and lunch is served at breakfast.

Dublz often & # 39; competitor is the largest first place for hamburgers in Paramount. Located on the Boulevard Paramount, Doublz offers great burgers cooked the way you like, even greater choice of fillings. One of the favorites here – Colossal Burger, which probably feed two or retain one person for the whole day. Dublts also offers a variety of fresh sandwiches, and kesadyly buryto. Sky Burgers on Lakewood Boulevard offers a wonderful atmosphere of the diner and one of the biggest burgers in southern California.

Close to Long Beach is very famous Beyger Dave on Atlantic Avenue, about 15 minutes south of Paramount. While the menu is limited only by meatballs, and they do not come with fries, Dave – the best burgers in the area. Keep in mind that Dave is often busy because of their product & # 39 is high, and they do not accept credit cards.

If the sandwich with a fresh and filling more suited to your style, there are plenty of great options, including the eastern tip of meat and on the boulevard Alondry, who & # 39 is a restaurant and hotel with full service. Their huge sandwiches and filled with fresh meat products and the best in the area. Besides sandwiches, they also offer steaks, ribs and dishes that change from week to week.

Hawaiian Grill the Waikiki, located on the Boulevard Paramount, now offers a Hawaiian menu for something a little different than the traditional gamburgerskaya or American cuisine. Some of the most popular menu options include barbecue dishes, ruby, spam musubi, macaroni salad, home-made noodles and chicken katsu. Another option Paramount cuisine cuisine – Thai restaurant on the boulevard Alondry treasures. This family-run restaurant owned by the family & # 39; and is often regarded as the most authentic Thai restaurant in the area and offers a traditional and authentic Thai dishes such as Pat ped Paducah, Pat ped NGOs noodles with boats, papaya salad and soup Ton it.

For lovers of sushi place for lunch at Paramount with & # 39 is a Japanese castle, which is well known in the Southern California area for its high qualities of sushi rolls, excellent prices and excellent service. Japanese castle can be found on Paramount Boulevard and opens at 11 am Monday through Saturday and 14 hours on Sundays. This sushi restaurant offers a very large variety of sushi rolls from the traditional to the unique. Some of the favorites include Brian Bolt, Bolt Vegas and tsunami, as well as chicken teryyaki.

While many authentic Mexican restaurants in Paramount known for their breakfast, they also provide an excellent lunch. Picasso! "Mexican Grill" on the avenue Roskrans opens daily at 11 am and offers a home-cooked back at a Mexican restaurant. Mariscos El Pereihuente on Paramount Boulevard also offers authentic Mexican meals, including all the classics such as tacos, buryta, seviche and ensembles.

Corleone Cafe on the Boulevard Paramount offers a wide variety of traditional Italian dishes, as well as several different pizzerias, filed manually at a beautiful price. Two of the most popular items on the lunch menu Café Corleone – this sandwich of pork from the pork and chicken style Kalabres vezubio.

Alondra Hot Wings on Alondra Boulevard – this is the place for all the chicken wings, and is one of the best places for dinner while watching sports on one of the many TVs.

Thirteen little-known facts about the city of Pomona, California

Although it is the fifth largest city in the county of Los Angeles, not much attention is paid to the city of Pomona, California. In Pomona lives a little more than 150 000 people, and although it was founded in the late 1800s as a predominantly agricultural community, it eventually became more and more industrial. Here's a look at thirteen little-known facts about the city of Pomona, California.

1. Fair Los Angeles County or LA County Fair, held annually in Pomona and a & # 39 is the largest county fair in all US states.

2. Western University of Medical Sciences is located in the city and a few recently in 1977, was founded in the first year he had 36 people.

3. In 1887, in Pomona Pomona College was established only for the move to the city Kremont, California, two years later, when the unused building of the hotel has been referred to the use of the school.

4. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (known as Cal Poly Pomona) is partially located on the former personal ranch breakfast cereal manufacturer W.K. Kelog.

5. Some of the people who were born or lived in Pomona, California, include Jessica Alba, "Sugar" Shane Mosley, Tom Waits, Reach Jette, Mark McGwire and Richie Sandaval.

6. People from Pomona, California, known as Pomonans.

7. In the period from 1900 to 1910, the number of the city almost doubled.

8. The first US president to visit Pomona, was Benjamin Harrison, who stopped at the railway station of the South Pacific while moving to Los Angeles.

9. Cal Poly Pomona with a & # 39 is the second largest campus in the entire University of California system.

10. For a brief period, approximately three and a half months during the Second World War in 1942. The bazaar district LA in Pomona used as an assembly center, where Japanese-Americans were held temporarily before being dispersed in various internment camps.

11. Mall Pomona – an open center pedestrian outdoors, which lasts more than nine blocks. It was the first such shopping center, built to the west of the Mississippi River.

12. The City of Pomona named after the Roman goddess Pomona fruit.

13. In the city there are rules that limit, if something & # 39; I can carry out the sale of the yard. City usually appoints four or five days off a year that allow you to sell the yard.

Pomona plays an important role in the life of Southern California and in particular Los Angeles area. Many major companies headquartered, and Cal Poly Pomona and Western University of Health Sciences of making a major contribution in this area as the jobs they create, and the quality of students they receive. Pomona has a unique history and a & # 39 is a great place for those visiting Southern California to come and watch.

California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is located in southern California on the Pacific coast. It is a city that is known for arts and culture, hotels and restaurants, theater, dining and music. It is a popular place for travel and tourism.

In Los Angeles, there are excellent hotels and the visitor who for the first time will be able to be fully zahapleny amazing versatility of the city. City sample of the American dream. Exciting Museum of Fine Arts, old-fashioned town squares and Californian cuisine – excellent experience. town Close to fantasy worlds of Disneyland, Hollywood, and the wealthy Beverly Hills and Malibu contributes to its exciting aura.

In Los Angeles, there are many user-friendly and quality hotels. These hotels provide accommodation for more & # 39 facilities such as recreation centers, fitness centers, restaurants, bars, parking kamerdynatarav and application services, room service and security locks for doors. The benefits provided in the room, there is access to the Internet and cable television, air conditioning, coffee makers and refrigerators. The premises is also provided use of a computer. Some hotels are equipped with conference rooms and banquet facilities. Outdoor parking is free. Many hotels arrange discounted packages idyllic places and popular attractions close to their places.

Star hotel are evaluated based on their location, services and amenities. You can make your online reservation, which provided great discounts on hotel accommodation, as well as package tours. Online reservations can also be performed through the California-based company engaged in independent gatelyarami.

California for a wide taste, California hotel – a popular place for business meetings and family vacations that appeal to tourists who are always planning to come back next year.

Free brochures, tourist guides – where to find the best free advice for traveling

Frankly, free brochures for travel can be informative, inspiring and attractive. They can also be poorly disguised trading platforms that do more harm than good. As a travel agent, I have seen more than my fair share of brochures for travel (our office gets several a day) and decided to share with you the best out there today: Talk about a concise name for the site, right? They give you a PDF file in the brochure, which is very nice if you want to look at a half dozen. Their booklet looks professional, and all include recommended itineraries, history and overview of the highlights. One bad aspect – you have to provide personal information before you can get access to brochures. If you would like a brochure on the South-East Asia, check out Travelfish, which is a & # 39 is one of my favorite sites for travel to Asia. They represent modern brochures and tourist guides to Laor, Cambodia, In & # 39; etname, Thailand and Singapore. Travelfish equivalent for the United States. Just scroll down the (incredibly) long homepage and select dozens of different brochures across the country. There is nowhere else to find such a diverse range of destinations that can be loaded at a time. Highly recommended.

Man in Seat 61. This website ( with & # 39 is the ultimate site for travel by train. From California to Calcutta, they have covered a complete description of routes, expected ticket prices and travel time.

Use these free brochures for travel as a way to gain a deeper understanding of your trip to your departure.

Guide for new laws on employment in California in 2018

Deny box: no investigation of criminal history before making a conditional offer (Government Code § 12952).

All employers who have a five (5) or more employees are prohibited to include in any statement on the question of employment, which is aimed at the disclosure of the applicant's criminal history. An employer may not "know" or "review" of the applicant's criminal record until it is made a conditional offer of employment.

It also means that employers can not use reference checks to reveal the history of convictions, until an offer is made.

If the employer intends to refuse to accept a job in the application because the applicant's criminal record, in whole or in part, he has to make an individual assessment of whether the applicant has a history of convictions direct and unfavorable relationship with the specific responsibilities of this work, to justify the refusal of the applicant in the position. The employer takes into account: (1) the nature and severity of the offense or behavior; (2) the time elapsed since the time of the crime or sentence and completion; and (3) the nature of the work, or occupied by the search. This assessment may either not stored in writing.

If the employer takes a preliminary decision that the applicant's conviction history deprives the applicant of employment, the employer shall notify the applicant of this previous decision in writing. Notification should contain: (1) Notification of the conviction or conclusion that with 39 & # is the basis for the preliminary decision to cancel the offer; (2) a copy of the condemnation of the report, if any; and (3) an explanation of the applicant's right to respond to the message of the previous decision of the employer before the decision becomes final, and the date by which you must answer. In explaining the applicant is informed that the response may include the presentation of evidence to refute the accuracy of the condemnation of the report, that & # 39 is a basis for cancellation of the proposals of rehabilitation evidence or mitigating circumstances, or both.

The applicant has a minimum of five (5) business days to respond to the communication submitted by the applicant before the employer can make a final decision. the applicant's answer may challenge the accuracy of the condemnation of the report, which became the basis for making a preliminary decision on the abolition of the proposal. If the applicant claims to have taken certain steps to obtain evidence to support its argument, the applicant has five (5) additional working days for indications of a response.

If the employer makes the final decision to refuse the application wholly or partly due to the applicant's criminal record, the employer shall notify the applicant in writing. Notification should contain: (1) The final failure or imprisonment; (2) any existing employer procedure, the applicant appealed against the decision and demanded to reconsider; and (3) the right to lodge a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Do not ask about the history of earnings (Labor Code § 432.3)

An employer may not seek information about the salary of the applicant for a job. "The history of earnings", including compensation and benefits.

The new law does not prohibit the applicant voluntarily and without encouragement to disclose information about the history of pay future employer. If the applicant voluntarily and without a clue reveals potential employers information about the history of the salary, the employer may consider or rely on this information in determining earnings for that applicant.

If the applicant requests the payment scale for the position, the employer must provide it.

The Law on the exit to the parent activities (Government Code § 12945.6)

Employers who work with 20 or more employees must provide workers with the right to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to new parents were able to stay with the new baby for one (1) year from the date of the birth, adoption or living in a foster something & # 39; S. In contrast to the federal law on family vacation & # 39; and and medical leave and the California Family Rights Act & # 39; and, the new law is limited to parental leave; it does not allow to leave the vacation because of "serious health condition" the employee or family member & # 39; and the employee.

Covered employer has 20 to 49 employees to 75 miles apart.

Indoor worker has more than 12 months of service for the employer and not less than 1250 hours of service with the employer during the preceding 12-month period.

While a vacation is not paid, the employee has the right to use accrued vacation payments for sick days and other accrued payments. In addition, the employer must maintain the group medical coverage while on holiday at the same level and under the same conditions that would have been provided if the employee continued to work.

Immigration: cooperation with the federal authorities (Government Code §§ 7285.1, 7285.2, 7285.3, and the Labor Code § 90.2)

Under current federal law on immigration, when federal authorities on immigration visit the work site for the exercise of executive activity, the employer may allow the authorities to voluntarily access to non-public parts of the workplace, or requiring a warrant. The new California law eliminates the possibility of the employer voluntarily allow access to non-public parts of the workplace.

Commissioner for the work or the Attorney General shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the implementation of this new law. Thus, there is no private right of action in accordance with the General Law on Private lawyers of California Labor Code. Civil penalties ranging from 2000-5000 dollars for the first offense and $ 5,000-10,000 for each subsequent violation.

The new law also prevents employers voluntarily provide immigration authorities access to personnel records without a subpoena or court order. This section does not apply to the Form I-9, for which the employer gives notice of an inspection.

If an employer receives any messages on the verification form validation rules to work I-9, or other documents related to employment by immigration agency, he should give employees a message about the inspection within 72 hours after receiving the message. The message must be delivered by hand at the workplace, either by mail or by e-mail, if the delivery is impossible manually.

Reward: is now authorized by the Commissioner for the work to get a preliminary ban (Labor Code, § 98.7)

Employee or authorized to work can get a pre-order prohibiting that causes the employer to return the employee to decide on the appeal to the court. That is, the employer may need to hire an employee at the time that is required for examination of the case on the request of the employee that he / she is subject to illegal retaliation, which usually takes at least a year or more.

Moreover, the new law sharply reduces the load on the evidence of the injunction in the case of revenge. Common standard temporary restraining order or a permanent ban requires the participant to prove (1) irreparable harm if the injunction is not granted; (2) the probability of success on the merits of the claim, and (3) those interests prevail in any case, the defendant damages incur, if you will receive a ban. Now the injunction is issued if a person simply finds that the "intelligent cause" exists to believe that the employee was unlawfully terminated or subjected to adverse action.

In addition to the transfer of employees is much less load on the evidence than other forms of judicial punishment, the court must consider whether, with the & # 39 is a temporary injunction, temporary fair and proper judicial act. Thus, the court should consider an entirely new factor, which only contributes to the employees.

Posts and notifications


Department of Employment Development amended the DE 2320 for your benefit and brochures with some paid & # 39; it. DE 2320 should be distributed after employee dismissal or dismissal, or on vacation.

Paid vacation in the family & # 39; and no longer have a seven-day waiting.

A pamphlet on the rights of victims

All employers must provide new employees with written notice of the rights of victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and harassment, to take advantage of secure rest for medical treatment or trial. Brochure victims of violence in the family & # 39; and can be found at the Ministry of Industry in California

Poster transgender rights

Department of Fair Employment and Housing has developed a new poster on the rights of transgender people. All employers who have a five (5) or more employees must post the information. If you order a poster on employment in the federal and state laws, which is updated and published by the Chamber of Commerce of California each year, the information contained in it. Otherwise, the poster is available on the website of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Also, employers should familiarize themselves with the new California identification documents. California identification card, birth certificate and driver's license may contain one (1) of three (3) gender options: male, female and non-binary. They will be gradually perfected to September 1, 2018 to obtain a birth certificate, and January 1, 2019 for a driving license.

The increase in the minimum wage

For employers who work with 26 or more, the government increased the minimum wage to $ 11 / hour. For employers with 25 or fewer employees, the state's minimum wage increased to $ 10.50 / hour.

The threshold of the minimum wage for executive, administrative and professional benefits has increased over 2018. The threshold is based on the national minimum wage, rather than the local minimum wage. Minimum wage exemption for employers with 26 or more employees – 3 813.33 US dollars per month (45 760 US dollars per year).

For employers with 25 or fewer employees, the minimum monthly wage exemption is 3640 US dollars per month ($ 43,680 per year).

A new form of I-9 (17:07:17 N)

The latter form can be found on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

Standard path IRS velocity increases

IRS mileage rates for 2018 increased to 54.5 cents / mile for business travel.

Reminders about local orders

Minimum wage

The minimum wage for employees working in Los Angeles has increased from 1 July 2016 to 10.50 dollars / hour for companies with 26 or more employees. For employers with 25 or fewer employees, the minimum wage from July 1, 2017 increased to 10.50 dollars. Increase proceed as follows:

Employers with 26 or more employers

1:07:16, 10.50 dollars

12:00 17:07:17 $

1:07:18 13.25 dollars

1:07:19 $ 14:25

15:00 15:07:20 $

Employers who have 25 or fewer employees

1:07:17 $ 10.50

1:07:18 12:00 $

13:25 13:07:19 $

20:07:20 14.25 $

1:07:21 15:00 $

sick pay

LA City passed a resolution, which requires 48 hours of paid leave per year, which doubled the law on payment of the disease in California. In contrast to the state of the law, which contains an exception for certain professions, for example, builders, individual health care workers, flight crews and workers who are covered by union agreements, the decision L.A. It contains no exceptions. Employers with 26 or more employees had to meet the requirements for 1 July 2016. Employers who have 25 or fewer employees, had to meet the requirements for 1 July 2017.

Paid sick leave there on the first day of work and can be used since the 90 th day. Employers can either pay a one-time payment of sick leave or to charge it at a rate of one (1) hour sick leave for every 30 working hours. However, state law has additional features charging means, is prohibited under LA Furthermore, according to the approach to the front load, state law provides that it is impossible to transfer unused sick. In L.A. ruling It provided that during the year should be held up to 72 hours, but it does not specify whether it is suitable for a front-loading plans.

As well as national legislation, unused sick leaves should not be paid for the separation. If an employee separates and returns to retire within one (1) year, any unused time of illness to recover. In contrast to state law, a decree LA It does not exclude from the recovery operation, if the wages are paid by disease in the separation, that is, within the PTO policy.

Go to Tidepooling in California

Wave hit a boulder encrusted with numerous white shells of the volcano, and these shells are connected to the legs and sweep food particles from sea water. On the shore crab in a small pool pinch off some of these vulkanavyh barracks and into the mouth. The glass surface in the pool pulsed like waves. Also in this pool it looks like someone left the sole of the shoe in the water, but it is the tunic. Pyatsirukaya starfish – aka starfish – often there are also creeps in their tens and hundreds of feet. "Starfish" is now considered the correct name of the animal, so that it has the shape of a star, but technically it is not a fish.

It is the tide. And for many organisms that are exposed to sun and wind, every attack wave means that relief is coming. Some, like vusachki and anemones, remain in place, while others, like starfish, sea urchins and coats, moving very slowly, while others, like skulpin, small fish tend to instantly around the eyes.

On the coast of California, where the rocky shore, you can go to the boards, looking for plants and animals that live between the coast and the tide. Curiosity and sharp eyes – is the most important tool for this work, and a field guide can add pleasure. A good guide for beginners with & # 39 is "Pacific internatydalny lifestyle" Roos Ron and Pam Olhauzen. Ron RUSAL also wrote a guide entitled "Fish on the Pacific Coast", which can be useful for the detection of small fish, which you can find at high tide. If you are just interested in the shells, then you may be the book "Field Guide to the shells of the Pacific Coast and Hawaii," Percy A. Morris. A good book with lots of pictures – "intervertebral invertebrates California" Morris Abbot and Hadera. Finally, if you are also interested in the observation of other species of wildlife, consider "The Complete Guide to the wild in North America (Western Edition)», issued by Harper and Row. And if you have a smartphone, you can download the application for low tide called "California tides", to use as a guide. Just make sure you do not get wet phone.

Planning a trip to the tide, first consult the tide tables, available in stores for boating and diving, and the Internet as an application for smartphones, and find out when will be the lowest tide. The site of administration of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows the tide tables for the US.

In California, two tides a day are not equal. Tides in the summer are usually very early in the morning. On the other hand, the tides and autumn winter usually occur in the afternoon or evening. In any case, try to get to the rocky spots long before the predicted low tide, for example, for 1 ½ to 2 hours earlier to tide still fading when you get back, exposing a large area for exploration and giving yourself more time to study it. With so many people who use smart phones, you can set alarms on your device to let you know when it's time to go to the tide and when come the time to ensure your safety. With this smart phone in your hand you have a convenient way to take pictures of plants and animals that you encounter, then to identify them.

The site WikiHow has an excellent article on how to use tide tables. It should be remembered tide table, is that zero indicates an average flow of the tides, rather than sea level. You can see the ebb, listed with a positive number, which simply means that the cast at this time is not as high as the average, while the negative tide about average. tides are always positive in this system. Reflux shown as zero, with the & # 39 is correct on average for the area to which the table tides. Negative tides are especially good to see the pools because of the study will be more surface area. They may also become available pools that are not normally available.

With today's video cameras for sports and action, produced in its own waterproof case, you can use the video camera on the end of self-stick to record video with hard-creators in the pool to check later. These cameras can have different degrees of wide angle, so you do want to corner as much as action allows the camera to a & # 39; objects look closer.

Seven tips to help you get the most enjoy the tide:

  1. Interlobar breed in the area can be slippery, especially if they are covered with algae. Look at his feet.
  2. Water from the waves and in the canals will be cold, so you may want to buy neoprene boots and gloves to protect hands and feet against the cold. Neoprene can also protect you from sharp rocks and thorns sea urchin.
  3. Ocean from time to time creates an unusually large wave that can sweep you. Watch out for these 'rogue' waves.
  4. Do not let the tidal tide to block your path, for example, if on the shore there is a point of land that make up the rock on both sides of it.
  5. Applies to all life with respect. Lots of good places to eat in the tidal areas of public beaches, where the interior organisms are protected by law. Also, remember that these visitors build up such as you – they live here. Look for them under rocks in order until you replace those rocks, as you found them.
  6. If you want to see how the fish swims at high tide, and not to hide, try to get closer to the pool so that your shadow does not leak through the pool and hit the fish. You can also try to get close to the edges, and do not stand up straight.
  7. Although the names are important, do not hang up on them. In the words of one biologist: "Name contains a satisfactory magic that we often padmanvaemsya thought that indicate that a properly – is to know everything." It Arbatsyya, sea urchin! "We are talking, and natapivshysya, pleased that we turned to the animal properly and now understand its niche in space."

Take the reins of their curiosity and see every "beast" of a miracle that it is. If you go often enough, you will find that these animals will be familiar to you, and every trip is like visiting old friends.

According to the website California Beaches, the best places for consideration to tide pools:

Southern California:

Convertible National Monument and La Jolie, County of San Diego; Little Corona Del Mar, Orange County; Abol-Kay and Leo Cars, Los Angeles County;

Central California:

Montana de Oro Beach and North Point Beach Shell, the county of San Luis Obispo; Asilamar, Planting Mokhov, Natural Bridges and Point Lobos, Monterey County; Crescent Beach and moss, beach of San Matteo;

Northern California:

Park County Agate, Marin County; Beach State Beach Sonoma State Park, Salt Point State Historic Park Fort Ross Sonoma County; Russian Gulch State Park and State Park Makkerycher, Mendocino County; Patrick Point State Park, Humboldt County and the District of Del Norte Coast Redvuds County, Del Norte.

Learning to read tide tables are well explained in the article WikiHow.

This site is dedicated to California beaches, there is information about the places that you can go in the tour section:

The California State Park system has a web site for teachers who can conduct classes in tours to see the tides:

Colorful drives to see the fall colors in Northern California

While in the north-east there is the fall to watch the West Coast has to offer and something exciting in relation to autumn colors.

Change the color of leaves is due to changes in temperature and altitude, so the colors are often at their peak at different times in different regions. To make sure you do not miss the best part of the season, stay in touch with the people you know who live in the region. Let them introduce you to the fact that they are visible when the drive around the city. You can also do some research and be aware of the areas that annually receive the most excellent changes, and then check with the local visitors bureau, when they are expected to reach their peak before to plan your trip. The National Forest Service also has a hotline with weekly updates on changing the color in this season for all the US: 1-800-354-4595

Prepare a cup of hot coffee or hot tea, soft music, a companion, a camera, and you're ready to go on the road and make a colorful disc.

Here is a list of some titles in Northern California, which usually are beautiful this time of year that are guaranteed to show you the red, orange and yellow:

Take HWY 299 east of Redding to Burney, turn right onto HWY 89 and drive through the National Volcanic Park Lasen. From there, return to the 36 Red Bluff, and then I-5 back to Redding, to complete the cycle.

Take HWY 299 west toward Uivervilya. In any case, you go on the marked hiking trail to the highway – is a guaranteed way to become immersed in color. Last Uivervil you can continue west to the coast or heading north on HWY 3 up the Trinity Heritage scenic road.

OPlumas County is known for its autumn color show. With Lassenskaga NVP, you can continue south on HWY 89 and merge with the picturesque river road Pere about Quincy.

In the north, pass through the mountains Warner also impressive, if travel HWY 299 from Alturas to Sedarvill bring life to your forces. Ask the locals about the country roads, while you're there.

oPaezd through the Modoc National Forest from Adin to Susanvilya along HWY 139 – this is another mystery of the fall of Northern California.

Enjoy the flowers, they last for a long time!

Wine San Diego tours offer a taste of the southern California coast

San Diego – a great place to visit with lots of attractions that you can see, and a lot of activities and attractions for stray tourists to fill your days exploring. In fact, when you visit it always seems that is simply not enough time to enjoy all that the city has to offer. Here you can enjoy a wonderful meal, fantastic nightlife and great music. But there are still more than San Diego became known, and it would be "the fruit of the vine." Believe it or not, I'm talking about the vineyards!

While many travelers usually think of the northern and central coast of California, when they think about wine, in San Diego, there are more than 20 wineries that are located throughout the county. It will take a lot of time to go through them and see the typical wine lovers. Among the wineries have several hundreds of different awards, which can be selected, and, at least for the athletes, they are all memorable. With so many different wineries most of the visitors reveals that the tour not only facilitates the transition from vineyard to vineyard, but also allows people to try a lot of premium wines along the way without responsibility behind the wheel.

Some wine tours in San Diego even lead guests on Temekula Valley (also known as "the main wine country") in a luxury limousine. This is an exciting way to spend a day exploring the vineyards that have made San Diego's leading rival for wine lovers around the world. The guides are very friendly and are aware of the numerous wine, San Diego has to offer. Most guides are also well known, where each winery, and about what kind of wine they specialize. However, travelers will enjoy to talk directly with a sommelier in every place, to get the true story "behind the scenes", each vintage.

In addition to limo, tourists can choose from a variety of unusual forms of transport, such as the Hummer or a party bus. Buses are also available, which are drawing on a tight budget and who do not want to spend so much on a wine tour. Most tours last about four hours, so have plenty of time to dive into the nightlife of San Diego when you return from your day trip.

Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. City – the perfect holiday to relax. There are many famous attractions and sights that can be seen as a bridge "Golden Gate", Transameryka Pyramid, Coit Tower, and Chinatown. There are plenty of accommodation options, from the most economical to the most luxurious.

If you like delicious tapas (beef) and buryto, Mission District settles some of the most beautiful places that offer these delicacies. Kaktuny Tucker and Caroline try to be sure to try it.

In San Francisco, placed Golden State Warriors NBA, San Francisco 49ers NFL and the San Francisco Giants MLB. Catch the giants in the summer of baseball.

Here is an overview of the more famous places in San Francisco.

Transameryki pyramid
Transameryki pyramid was conceived in 1968, when President John R. Beckett noticed that the natural light passes through the trees in the city and on the street. Then he decided to build a building in the shape of a pyramid, to get the same lighting results in his headquarters. A few years later Transameryka pyramid – Today is a very famous tourist attraction in the world. The unique structure demanded international recognition. This park is located in the heart of Montgomery Financial District with the address 600 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California. He is part of the Transamerica Center and covers almost one quarter of the city.

Kite Tower
Lily Hitchcock Coit was a lady with an eccentric personality, which supports the local firefighters. In 1933, it used its funds to build the Coit Tower. She left a third of his wealth for the improvement of the city after the death.

Then Arthur Brown, Jr. took the task to upgrade the city's majestic tower, standing 63 meters / 210 feet in height. He filled the inter & # 39; er cylindrical tower frescoes. Most of these murals depicts life in California during the Great Depression. Total on this project employs 25 painters, including the scene of the harbor, a bank robbery, and looked into the department store. These historical murals are stored in the long-haul. On top of the tower is located playground with a spectacular 360-degree views of San Francisco.

Some people are discussing that Chinatown in New York – the greatest, but the majority still believe that Chinatown San Francisco – the largest outside Asia.

Hear Hong Kong in this city. Residential areas and markets are clearly Chinese. Most inexpensive restaurants. Check herbal medicine shops, souvenir shops and historical sites. Parking in Chinatown can be a problem. Most tourists go instead to public travel.